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These pieces were exhibited prior to the 2017 Show. Use the label "Show & Tell" to see other rugs showcased in the past.

Special Show & Tell : Oriental Rugs

When rug hookers talk about hooking Oriental rugs, we hear mention of the designers’ names Pearl McGown*, Jane McGown Flynn and Joan Moshimer. Hooking Orientals was popular with the BHCG during the 70’s and the 80’s and techniques were taught at the Guild. Oriental rug designs generally use one of 3 patterns: all-over, central medallion, and unidirectional (such as a prayer rug or a tree of life rug). Orientals require small cut wool, that is meticulously hooked in straight parallel lines, creating intricate often repeating patterns and usually with detailed borders.

*Pearl McGown is credited with the resurgence of rug hooking in the 20th century as a folk-art form and she created the McGown Certification program.

Lorayne Charenko. Oriental Rug

Lorayne Charenko
Oriental Rug

This rug is about 30 years old and I started it during a course on Oriental Rugs that was offered at BHCG. It is quite large, about 40- to 45-inch diameter. The pattern I used for my rug is taken from part of a much larger pattern I saw in a picture. I drew the design on linen and hooked it with #2 cut wool. I dyed all the wool and the colour scheme is my own. It is important to note that it is completely hooked in parallel rows, starting at one side and working straight across the linen backing to the opposite side (no “higgledy-piggledy”). My daughter has the rug in her home. 

Kay Cousineau, Imperial, a Pearl McGown Pattern

Kay Cousineau

This pattern, designed by Pearl McGown, has a classic symmetrical composition: a central medallion and four embellished corners to decorate the field of the rug, all surrounded by an ornamental border. I reduced the size of the rug by eliminating the floral outer-border pattern, as it took a long time to complete this rug plus, I wanted it to fit in my apartment. My rug measures 36 x 68 inches. 

Sally Perodeau, Nomad Runner, a Pearl McGown Pattern

Sally Perodeau
Nomad Runner
A Pearl McGown pattern

This is the largest rug I have ever done. As I recall I saw the design in the Moshimer’s studio in Kennebunkport, Maine. It was started during my introduction to rug hooking and took me 7 years to complete as I took several rug hooking courses in between. It measures 44 x 67.5 inches and was exhibited during the 1989 show.  One of my daughters has it now.

Lois J. Morris. Vendome. A Joan Moshimer Pattern

Lois J. Morris
A Joan Moshimer Pattern

This is a Joan Moshimer Persian pattern called Vendome. I hooked it to use as an example during an oriental class I gave, with a little twist on the colour. For this specific workshop, students hooked patterns of their choice from the Moshimer’s oriental design collection, in their preferred colours. In fact, we did not stick to historical and traditional colours of oriental carpets but decided to hook them choosing a three-colour palette. All students dyed their wool as such: two colours for outlines and an 8-value swatch for the motifs and the background.

Lois J. Morris. Hasedera Temple Garden. Original.

Lois J. Morris
Hasedera Temple Garden
I created this oriental pattern design and used it during an oriental workshop I ran for the Guild. In 1977, I hooked this rug for my daughter Claire, whose bedroom at the time was black and white. Claire still loves it! She recently told me that it has been on her floors ever since; it has lived in bedrooms, hallways, dens, and bathrooms, and has stood the test of time. It measures 46 x 27 inches. 

Audrey Colliss, Lois' Chinese Rug, a Lois J. Morris Design

Audrey Colliss
Lois’ Chinese Rug
(Now named Hasedera Temple Garden)

This rug is a Lois J. Morris' design which I started hooking during one of her oriental classes. I added my initials on the medallion as signature. This rug measures 46 x 27 inches and is displayed in my home.

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