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Fête nationale

Saint-Jean Baptiste Day 2009    by L.G. de Tonnancour    This year again, Centennial Hall was the meeting place for the Fête nationale du Québec in Beaconsfield . The sky was perfectly clear and live musicians filled the air with traditional Quebecois music. The old white building was decorated for the occasion with blue and white flags and on the grounds, sheltered under small kiosks, artisans of all trades were selling their wares or demonstrating their art. There was a great deal to see. Alice Hamilton, Ailish O’Keeffe, Sylvia Solomon and Louise G. de Tonnancour of the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild gave rug hooking demonstrations throughout the event. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter and friendly conversation. Alice Hamilton and Ailish O'Keeffe with  some visitors  

Area 1 Picnic 2009

A day trip in Ontario By Louise G. de Tonnancour Thursday morning, June 11 th 2009 , Sally Perodeau, Denise Morissette, Maria Romero and myself left Beaconsfield at 8:30 to attend the invitation for a picnic in Mallorytown hosted by the Brockville Thousand Islanders . Sally drove us there, in what was a very smooth drive, in exactly two hours and fifteen minutes.  The Library&Community Hall where the event took place was just ½ km or so off the 401.  We were gracefully welcomed and directed to the beautiful grounds surrounded by trees under which the rug hookers had found places to sit.  In the middle, a white gazebo sheltered one of the vendors, the others regrouped in the shade, along a rustic fence.  On that special day, hats were the theme of the day.  All colours, sizes, shapes and wonderfully decorated, they were everywhere to be seen and admired.  At 12:00 , we were invited inside to help ourselves to buffet tables very well garnished with good food and lots of g