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Satuday Hook-In

Some pictures of  a Saturday Hook-In at Le Coin Artisanal!

We hook our projects in a very warm and creative place! Le Coin Artisanal offers workshops and a vast selection of yarns, wools, fabrics and crafting tools.


Farewell and Good Luck to Mayumi Takahashi
by Ti Seymour
Members said farewell to Mayumi at the December Monthly Meeting.  Mayumi announced at the meeting that it was her last time at the Guild and she would be moving to Minneapolis-Saint Paul at the end of the Month.  We wished her the best of luck with her move and encouraged her to keep in touch.  We look forward to receiving photos of Mayumi's current projects completed.  So keep in touch Mayumi and keep on hooking!!!

2014 Luncheon

New Year Lunch Saturday 18th January
Piazza Romana
Pointe Claire Village
339 Chemin du Bord-­du-­Lac-­Lakeshore
(514) 697- 3594

Knitting Guild

Presentation to the Knitting Guild   By Ti Seymour and Riitta Jackson   

The Knitting Guild recently invited us to give a talk on Tuesday 14th January about Rug Hooking at their Monthly Meeting.    There were 20 knitters present. Candace Fradette kindly introduced us and we kicked off the evening with information about the Guild, followed by a very interesting account of the history of rug hooking.  We also talked about the varying styles, techniques and textiles as we passed around hooked pieces for everyone to examine.  Afterwards the knitters watched a "hooking" demonstration and were then welcome to try it for themselves.  Riitta had hooked a mug rug and Claire Fradette had hooked a pot holder to donate to the Knitter's monthly draw.  The lucky winners were very happy with their gifts.  Interest was generated about rug hooking and two lovely ladies signed up for receiving notification about the next Introduction to Rug Hooking course.  At the end of the presentation,…

New Promotional Material

New Flyers, business cards and bookmarks!   

BHCG have new promotional material: flyers, business cards and bookmarks.All three printed items displayed the same recognizable image that is part of our website, as well as our contact info, in both French and English. 

Show & Tell / January - March 2014

by Lois Morris

The original adaptation of a photo from my granddaughter’s portfolio (courtesy of Ed Flores) measures 25” x 19” and was hooked on rug warp with #2 cut wool.   I used white wool and  dyed 45 shades of blue from my own formula.  I dyed five–nine value swatches, 3 inches by 9 inches as well as 3 dip dyed pieces from the same formula.

I had always planned to do portraits of my grandchildren, but not until they were their own person. So when Sarah graduated from university as a dancer and sent me this picture from her portfolio, I decided it was time. The original picture was in sepia and I didn’t want to work in those colours, so I decided to do it as a monochromatic in blue because when I started the project the theme for OHCG was “The Sound of Colour” and I was going to call it Rhapsody in Blue and toss in a few bars of the song. But as luck would have it, I needed to go bigger to get all the detail and long story short, it wasn’t going to be finished in time…