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Latest News

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

44th Annual General Meeting and Show of the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild.

Weekend in Cobourg
by Louise G. de Tonnancour

As I am writing these words, I realize that a week has already gone by since I was on board Via train 60, on my way to Cobourg, to attend the 44th Annual General Meeting and Show of the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild. At 2:00 PM – upon arriving at destination – I was kindly driven to the Lions Community Centre by Derek Morris. There, I met with Lois Morris who was getting ready to set up the presentation of the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild for the show. The couple had driven from Montreal in the morning with all the rugs to be displayed.
By 4:00 PM, all the crafted items were hung and we were rather pleased with the result. We had to leave the venue so that the judges could make their selections. It looked like it would be a long evening for them; there was so much to be seen!

It was time to register for the AGM. This year’s hostesses, OHCG members from Ajax, Campbellford, Northumberland, Oshawa and Port Perry were there to welcome us with warm smiles. We were given cleverly made woolen flowers with name-tags and brown paper bags filled with items to surely please any rug hooker. Saturday morning, with all due pomp and decorum, breakfast was combined with the Annual General Meeting in the hotel ballroom. The atmosphere was thoroughly pleasant. After the introduction of all the participating guilds and brief reports from the board members, the President, Ruby Clark, announced the winners of the 2010 awards. From beginners to fine cut, large cut to oriental, to pictorial, primitive and alternative techniques – none of the categories so familiar to rug hookers were forgotten.

The rest of the day was spent visiting the exhibition and vendors, meeting old friends, making new ones and attending short one-hour workshops (I had registered for three, over two days). We all met again in the hotel ballroom for an evening of dinner/theatre, which turned out to be very entertaining. Lunchtime Sunday, I had to head back to Montreal. Before going to the train station, I asked the taxi driver to give me a tour of Cobourg, which is a very beautiful historical town of 18,000 on the shores of Lake Ontario. Congratulations to all the organizers of this memorable event. Mark your calendars now, the 2011 OHCG AGM is scheduled for London, Ontario, as usual on the first weekend in May.