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Fête nationale du Québec

Fête St. Jean at Centennial Park in Beaconsfield June 24, 2019_ By Emmy Maten Heather, Jane, Isabelle, Candace, Emmy and Debbie La Fête Nationale in Beaconsfield was celebrated in Centennial Park with many family activities offered. As in previous years, our Guild had a kiosk to promote the art of rug hooking. We had fabulous weather and a big turnout from the public. Several of our Guild members and Jane from the Martintown Wild and Woolly Rug Hookers donated their time and rugs to make an outstanding rug display and welcome the public. We demonstrated, explained, answered questions and referred potential new rug-hookers to our Guild. Many keen individuals tried rug hooking themselves, with our guidance, using the two demonstration pieces on hoops. We even sold 2 kits and several cards. Not only was the day a success, but most of all, we had lots of fun. A huge thank you to Isabelle, Jacques, Candace, Jane, Heather and Debbie. You made it all happen! Jacques and visit

Special Show&Tell / It's a Tie

Special Show & Tell / And the Winners are... Grandfather's Fox by Isabelle Rollin  Grandfather's Fox by Isabelle Rollin My first rug was inspired by my Mother who told me that her Father had designed and maybe even hooked a rug with a fox and flowers. Together, my Mom and I spent many precious moments trying to recreate this design. This has a great deal of 'doing and undoing' as I was learning to hook. Thank you all for your advice and encouragement. Thanks Mommy. The rug is 26-5/8"x38", wool cut no. 6. Original design hooked with recycled material from blazers, skirts and shared wool. Le Draver/The Logger by Jacques lepage Le Draveur/The Logger  By Jacques Lepage  The image of a happy man, working  his hard and dangerous trade, in the rageing wilderness of spring.  While I was hooking this rug, many stories were shared to me, souvenirs of people who had the chance to know one of these brave and proud men. What a

Lois Morris / In the News

Lois Morris Featured in Rug Hooking Magazine By Dawna Matthew Rug Beat Newsletter from Rug Hooking Magazine recently posted an article titles “Rugs Inspired by Famous Artists”. A rug titled “Sarah”, the work of our guild founder, Lois Morris, is featured in the part regarding The Blue Period . -The Blue Period - Article By Tamara Pavich - Rug Hooking Magazines - November-December-2014 Rug Hooking Magazine ( Website Link ) Link to the article :   The Blue Period: Expanding creativity through monochromatic rug Reproduced here with permission from the editor, Debra Smith.  ***** The Blue Period Expanding creativity through monochromatic rugs By: Tamara Pavich Sarah, 15" x 29", #2-cut wool on rug warp. Adapted by a photograph by Ed Flories and hooked by Lois Morris, Rawdon, Quebec, 2000. Between 1900 and 1904, Pablo Picasso painted mostly in blue and blue-green, sometimes warming his canvases wi

Ormstown Fair

Rug Hooking at the Ormstown Fair – a First!_ By Emmy Maten June 6-9, 2019 Desjardins Expo Ormstown 2019  The Rug Hooking Event at opening night of the Ormstown Fair captured a lot of attention from the public, as many had never seen this art before. Our own Charlene was in the Parade playing the bag pipes! Charlene was in the Parade! It was the first time that rug hooking was an official event at the Fair and two rugs of our members, Jacques and Isabelle, tied for the 1st place award and another of Jacques’ was awarded 2nd place. Jacques' Logger tied for 1st Place Isabelle's Grandfather's Fox Rug Tied for 1st Place! Jacques' Snowshoes was awarded 2 nd  Place Heather Wright from the Hemmingford Rug Hookers (and North Hero) was awarded 3rd place with her rug. Heather Wright won the 3 rd place!  Other participating guilds were the Martintown Wild and Woolies and Les Joyeuses Houkeuses de la Chateauguay Valley

2019 Picnic

June 8th 2019, 2019 Annual Picnic:  What an amazing day we had!_ By Dawna Matthew 2019 Annual Picnic What an amazing day we had! We welcomed 42 guests and 32 BHCG members for a total of 74! The largest group we have ever had! And the weatherman was definitely on our side!! Thank you to all who helped with set up and take down and that includes the strong husbands who lugged around all those tables, chairs and tents! To all who contributed to the delicious food, to those who donated to the door prizes and auctions and to our vendors for coming and offering their wonderful wares! Thank You to all our fellow rug hookers who travelled from far and wide to join in the fun and share their love of our wonderful art. Most of all, Thank You, to all our members who pulled together to make this day such a success. What a team!!!