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Modern Hookers

Emily Urquhart wrote an interesting  article on the 150 years of Canadian Hooked Rugs, in exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada.

Textile Museum of Canada
Home Economics: 150 years of Canadian Hooked Rugs
Date: September 24, 2015 – February 8, 2016


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Handicrafts Modern hookersA show at the Textile Museum of Canada shines the spotlight on rug hooking’s surprising range. Emily Urquhart reports on how the old domestic craft has found its way into many talented new hands.

Special to The Globe and Mail Last updated: Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016 3:28PM EST

 Last fall, in a church hall in Victoria, 20 women ranging in age from 30 to 60 gathered for a workshop in rug hooking. Midway through the class, organizer Sheila Stewart, owner of the Blue Heron Rug Hooking Studio in Victoria, leaned over and gave me an impromptu demonstration.

“You hold the hook in your palm,” she said, placing the fat end of her wooden hook in her …

Friendship Rug /2

A great project_ Work currently underway on the Friendship Rug in Montreal. Looking forward to seeing the completed piece at OHCG's 50th Anniversary Exhibition!

Friendship Rug / 1

2015 The Year of the Craft_By Ti Seymour

Invitation sent out to any rug hookers in Montreal tomorrow. Your chance to hook a hand on this Friendship Rug.

A bit of background into …. The idea for the Friendship Rug was initiated by the Marketing Committee to celebrate “2015 The Year of the Craft” as promoted by the Craft Council of Canada.
Branches are invited to hook their hands on the rug which is to be circulated throughout the province. When completed, it will be displayed at the 2016 Annual conference in honour of the 50th Anniversary of the OHCG. It became apparent that one rug would not suffice, so a second rug began circulating in Eastern Ontario to give opportunity for as many branches as possible to participate.

After the 2016 Annual at Deerhurst, the rugs will become part of the historical artifacts of the OHCG. There are a few items such as a lovely silver punch bowl donated by Mary Sheppard Burton to the OHCG and the large hooked OHCG logo which is displayed at each Annual…

ATHA / The Guild In The News

Article in ATHABy Dawna Matthew

In October, 2015 our guild president, Ti Seymour, attended the TIGHR triennial in Victoria, B.C. She met Gene Shepherd there and was able to show him the Sherwood Forest Elementary School’s finished project which was inspired by his ATHA article “Teach a Child to Hook”. And that resulted in a new ATHA article, “Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild of Canada Teach a Child to Hook”, in the Feb/Mar issue which you can see below.

ATHA, Art of Rug Hooking
Issue 217
February-March 2016

Show & Tell / January- March 2016

Denise Morissette

My rug represents a skier practicing snowboarding. It was made for my grandson who enjoys this sport. For the design I was inspired by a picture seen on the internet. I used both new wool I dyed and some recycled woolens, cut in #6 for most of the hooking, with #3 for the details.

Winter Scene
Hooked by Kay Cousineau

This pictorial was inspired by a Christmas Card I had received, which represented an oil painting of a colourful winter scene by Clarence Gagnon. For this project I used new and recycled wool and met the challenge of finding the exact colour I was looking for by dying and overdying until I got it right. Lois Morris helped me to achieve this. Very fine cuts of #2 and #3 were used throughout.

Polar Boys
By Lorayne Charenko

These two eskimo pieces are not rugs but framed hooked pictures. The first, bellow, one of a set of Polar Boys, represents two eskimos ice fishing. This, my first hooked piece, is the result of a carving course I took …

Special Show & Tell/ Happy New Year 2016

2016 is Here!
May each day of the New Year bring you pleasant surprises!

This piece has been featured in our Show & Tell / April 2009!

Designed and Hooked by Brenda Ticehurst

When planning my next rug, I wanted to do something that would be more interactive for viewers. In the summer at the cottage our family does Sudoku contests. It gave me the idea to hook one. I chose a puzzle that was symmetrical. It is a medium difficult one. To make it more colorful I assigned a consistent colour to each number. At the bottom I made a pocket to hold pencils and a paper copy of the puzzle for those who wanted to try it. I also hooked a few individual numbers that could be pinned in place when viewing the work. It is hooked on burlap with #6 Wool strips.