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August 30, 2021 Hook-In    by Emmy Maten and Ti Seymour A Welcome reached out to all our members for our second Hook-In of the summer. Although many of us have had little contact with each other due to the pandemic, it was evident that creative powers have flourished throughout the year, as seen with our informal Show and Tell. Amazing pieces of art! Bravo everyone! Debbie shows her Welcome mat . From left to right: Debbie, Denise M., and Andrée. Fay is having fun! It's Show and Tell Time! Enjoy some pictures of our traditional Show & Tell, with work in progress and finished rugs!  Debbie's Moose. Inspired by a painting, Chris created her own design with a stunning truck. Crows Pillow. Chris’s Tom Thomson pattern by Carol Shewan. Chris’s rescue cats from Bee Meadow Farm. Raising funds for Bee Meadow Farm. Chris' original design. Another amazing rug hooked by Chris. Mary's Tiger. Helen prepares for her Show and Tell. Helen’s daughters. Work in progress - Christmas pi