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10 years On-line!

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Patty Yoder

Hooked On Patty Yoder  Sep 30, 2017 - Jan 21, 2018 
Shelburne Museum 

Wonderful trip down to Vermont. We were fortunate to catch the last weekend of the Patty Yoder Exhibition at the Shelburne Museum. What a talented lady and such a great loss to our rug hooking community. Here you have some pictures!. 

Punch Needle Workshop

Oxford Punch Needle workshop with Sara BurghoffBy Dawna Matthew
On January 19th four of our members traveled down to Vermont for a 1 day Oxford Punch Needle workshop with Sara Burghoff. We spent a lovely day with Sara who is a Oxford Certified Instructor and the former owner of Violet Jane Yarn. We did lots of punching, dyeing and laughing. A relaxing and valuable learning experience!

Show & Tell / January - March 2018

On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held on September 2017 at Centennial Hall

Canadian Cultural Heritage
The year 2017 was Canada’s 150th anniversary. To extend and commemorate Canada’s Culture and Heritage, this year our Website’s  “Show & Tell” section will be dedicated to heritage buildings and historical sites. In the coming months, two of these structures, lighthouses and covered bridges, will be shown as seen by our rug hookers. Starting in January, Lighthouses will be highlighted in Show & Tell, to be followed by Covered bridges a few months later.  Show & Tell : About Lighthouses In view of Canada’s substantial watercourses, and Quebec’s  geographical position, lighthouses hold a big place in the history of our country. Starting in 1734, when the Louisbourg lighthouse was built, their number has increased to 750 over the years. They have fulfilled an essential role in navigation, providing safety and sanctuary. Many of these b…

Show & Tell / January 2018

2017: The 150th Anniversary of Canada and 375th Anniversary of MontrealSpecial Show & Tell : CanadaOn this Show & Tell, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held on September 2017 at Centennial Hall.

Mini-mats By Carolyn Ells
These mini-mats acknowledge Canada’s 150th birthday and Montreal's 375th birthday, both celebrated in 2017. The white pine motif was added to Montreal’s flag in 2017 in recognition of indigenous peoples who are part of the roots and life of the city. Both miniatures are punch needle embroidery on weaver’s cloth. The Canadian flag is made with cotton floss and the Montreal motif with wool.