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Centennial Tile Rug

Special presentation to Mayor Bourelle and the City of Beaconsfield – our Centennial Hall Tile Rug    From 2019 through 2020, twenty-seven of our members created a unique tile rug, conceived, and designed by M. McMurray. This rug represents the Centennial Hall building which has been our weekly meeting place since many, many years. Our beloved home will be replaced in the near future by a new community centre which will better meet the community’s needs. We kept this rug a secret until 2 pm during the afternoon of our April 29, 2023 rug exhibition! Our special guest Mayor Bourelle attended our exhibition for the grand unveiling of our gift to him and to the City of Beaconsfield. M. McMurray spoke to the mayor and to the public about our special gift and its creation. It was so well received! Our rug will hang in City Hall and will eventually find its permanent place in the new Community Centre, preserving the memories of Centennial Hall for all those who loved it. The unveiling of

Our Exhibition

April 29, 2023, BHCG Rug Exhibition    Saturday, April 29 was a grand day for our Beaconsfield Guild! Finally returning from the pandemic to more normal times, it had been five and a half years since we held a rug exhibition. It was high time indeed to have one again! Despite our Rug Exhibition being only a one-day show, we estimate that we had 150 visitors, if not 200! We were delighted to greet visitors from numerous rug-hooking groups, some travelling for as long as a 2-hour drive. Many visitors had received invitations or heard of the show through Facebook. Others read about it in the Beaconsfield Spring contact magazine, noticed the Beaconsfield electronic billboards, saw our little display in the library advertising our event, or simply saw the signs on Beaconsfield Boulevard. Many were also our own friends and family. We exhibited about 120 rugs, displayed over five different theme rooms and the two hallways. From Canadiana and Landscapes on the main floor to Art, Florals and A