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Welcome To Our Blog
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Latest News

Latest News

Sunday, April 30, 2017

OHCG Annual Show


April 28th to 30th
Cobourg Community Centre 
Cobourg, Ontario

Theme: “Images of Canada” to celebrate Canada’s 150th year.

We had a beautiful booth at this year’s Ontario Hooking Crafters Guild’s Annual held in Cobourg, Ontario. Fourteen members took part with forty-five pieces on show which made an amazing display of different styles, techniques and talent. The executive thanks everyone who took part.

BHCG Display

BHCG Display

BHCG Display

Isabelle Rollin's Rug

BHCG Display

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show &Tell / April 2017

Special Show&Tell: Eastern 

Cheeky Chicks - Ti Seymour

Cheeky Chicks
By Ti Seymour

This family of chickens was self inspired, mum and 3 offspring and is an original.  Loretta Moore helped with aspects of design and colour planning after a fun stay at her home.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Needle-Felting Demo

Animals Needle-Felting with Andrée Lapensée

Andrée  Lapensée

Thank you to Andrée for giving a needle-felting demonstration in February. A large number of members got to try their hand at this craft and had a lot of fun producing some cute birds under her patient instructions.

To show our appreciation to Andrée, we presented her with a basket of arts and crafts supplies which we know she will put to good use in her never-ending creative efforts.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Olde Forge

Olde Forge Annual Hook-in 

1 April 2017

Respectfully Submitted by Ti Seymour

A large group of BHCG members attended Olde Forge Hook-in and enjoyed the welcoming tones of the violin from resident musician Stewart.  Laughs from the audience came as we fell for an April Fool’s joke, about a new wood frame being donated from a local carpenter.  Lesley Larsen - Convener of 2018 OHCG Annual spoke about members of Area 1 all getting involved to make next years Annual one to remember.  Door prizes and Visitor Basket was raffled.  Multiple vendors selling Rug Hooking and Needle Felting related items.  Lots of lovely sweet and savoury treats for everyone. Show and Tell provided some great inspiration and many ooo’s and ahhh’s.  Photographs of the Show & Tell will be available on Olde Forge’s Website.  We look forward to reciprocating their hospitality at our own Picnic on May 27th and again at our Covered Bridges Show in September.

Our ever keen Claire, already hooking in the back seat en-route to the Olde Forge Hook-in

Olde Forge
We made it!

Denise M.
Our Denise M. with a Covered Bridge

This runner looked beautiful on the front and back.

Hooked Rug
Artist permission was gained for this rug

Storied Rug
This tells the story of land reclamation destroying many species of plant life to the point of extinction

Lifelike Collie

This rug will be donated as horse blanket

Our Juliet with her lovely fox

One funny story of the cow-sheep

Our Andrée with a gorgeous rooster

Brenda Tichehurst
Our Brenda getting laughs from her ‘Bridges to Madison County’ story

Joanne from Track II with her outstandingly large rug that sits in her kitchen - it definitely won the ooo’s.

Show &Tell / April -June 2017

About Birds!

Ti Seymour
Blue-jay Cushion and Squirrel Footstool by Ti Seymour

Blue-jay Cushion
Ti Seymour

Our cottage in the Laurentians sits amongst the Birch, Cedar and Maple trees which are abundant with life.  I wanted to complement some furniture in the cottage with life from the trees.  Bluejays regularly visit the feeder and have to share this with the resident squirrels too.  Hence the footstool close by.

Denise Morissette
Bird and Fruit by Denise Morissette

Bird and Fruit
Denise Morissette

A picture of a Two-tone Swallow was my inspiration for a sculpted bird representation. I used wool cut no 6 and no 3.  The rug size is 16 X 17 inches.

Jeanne Osler
Chickadee by Jeanne Osler

Jeanne Osler

This is one of the first courses  I took as a beginner.  Joan Boyle was the teacher and a group  from BHCG  went to Brockville.  

Carolyn Ells
Fleding Eagle at MacNab Cementery - Carolyn Ells

Fledgling Eagle at MacNab Cemetery
Designed and hooked by Carolyn Ells in 2012.

I took a photograph of this young eagle shortly after it fledged from its nest. It was perched on a headstone at MacNab Cemetery in Nova Scotia. Jon Ciemiewicz guided me in adapting the bird image to rug hooking. The finished mat hangs at our family cottage just a few steps away from the cemetery.

Isabelle Rollin & Jacques Lepage / In The News

OHCG Newsletter / In the News

Ontario Newsletter - Issue No. 1, Spring 2017

Isabelle Rollin and Jacques Lepage:

A talented couple!

Isabelle Rollin and Jacques Lepage's work has been featured by the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Newsletter. See magazine's cover and back cover  sections! Congratulations to both of you!. Click to enlarge.

Spring 2017
OHCG Newsletter - Issue No. 1, Spring 2017 - Cover / The Yellow House By Isabelle Rollin 

Isabelle and Jacques
OHCG Newsletter - Issue No. 1, Spring 2017 - Back

OHCG Newsletter / In the News

OHCG Newsletter / In the News

Ontario Hooking Craft Guild - Reports by Branch
Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild (Area 1)

This is the Quarterly Activities Report published in the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Newsletter.

Click to enlarge.

Spring 2017
OHCG Newsletter - Issue1, Spring 2017 Cover

OHCG Newsletter - Issue1, Spring 2017, page 10

OHCG Newsletter - Issue1, Spring 2017 , page 20

April Fool's Day

Poisson d'Avril / April Fools' Day

Poisson d'avril
April Fool's Day- Illustration: Maria Romero