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Monday, February 1, 2010

Show & Tell - February 2010

Ailish O'Keefe
Geometric rug
Hooked by Ailish O'Keefe

This rug was the result of a geometric class given by Judith  Dallegret. The pattern is actually a quilting pattern which I always liked so I decided to use it as a really good example of a geometric design.   These happen to be favourite colours of mine, and I hooked with number 6's.

I chose the off-white background because I felt it would be the best way to highlight the main colours of the rug.

Claire Fradette

Geometric rug
 Hooked by Claire Fradette

This rug was started in a class taken with Judith Dallegret. I made this for my daughter who selected the colours. The rug measures 36 in. x 24 in. and was hooked entirely in no. 6 cut wool, some of which was dyed.

Lorayne Charenko

Prairie Vista
Designed and hooked by Lorayne Charenko

For this pictorial, I used a combination of wools. For example, the wall is hooked with recycled wool, which I over-dyed and cut with scissors, while the sky is new wool, cut in no. 2. I used no. 3 cut wools for the rest of the picture, which measures 26 cm x 36 cm.

Summers' Glory
Designed and hooked by Lois Morris

I designed, dyed the wool to match the quilt and hooked this floral rug this summer with impressionist shading, to go with a floral quilt that the women of "Christ Church Rawdon" were making to raffle and raise money for a new roof for the church.  Some lucky person will win them both.

Our Anglican Church has been in existence since 1821 and was rebuilt in its present state in 1859 after a fire. It is considered a Heritage Building and is therefore eligible for assistance for restoration from the Quebec government.  We have done other restoration under the Heritage Grants. The only stipulation is that we have to replace the roof with Cedar Shake Shingles which were original to the building and we have to raise 1/3 of the money before they will release the rest of the funds---- which are considerable. We have had many fund raising events and hope to reach our goal by years end.