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Show & Tell - February 2010

Geometric rug Hooked by Ailish O'Keefe This rug was the result of a geometric class given by Judith   Dallegret. The pattern is actually a quilting pattern which I always liked so I decided to use it as a really good example of a geometric design.   These happen to be favourite colours of mine, and I hooked with number 6's. I chose the off-white background because I felt it would be the best way to highlight the main colours of the rug. Geometric rug  Hooked by Claire Fradette This rug was started in a class taken with Judith Dallegret. I made this for my daughter who selected the colours. The rug measures 36 in. x 24 in. and was hooked entirely in no. 6 cut wool, some of which was dyed. Prairie Vista Designed and hooked by Lorayne Charenko For this pictorial, I used a combination of wools. For example, the wall is hooked with recycled wool, which I over-dyed and cut with scissors, while the sky is new wool, cut in n