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Kids Tutorial

Kids Tutorial Introduction to Rug Hooking Beaconsfield Library 15th & 22nd July, 2:30pm - 5pm

Learn this ancestral craft with modern day fibres. Simple designs that will become a hand hooked masterpiece. Fun class that will have you eager to create more.

Fête Nationale

Rug Hooking Demonstration By Ti Seymour

Not only were we blessed with good weather but also with a large number of eager children interested in learning how to Rug Hook.  Luckily we were well equipped with hoops and hooks from our recent lessons taught at Sherwood Forest Elementary School.  Many signed up for the Summer Camp classes held in July at Beaconsfield Library.  One little lad was so delighted with his piece, first he didn't want to leave until it was finished and then he noticed some dropped loops so wandered back to get help to repair.

Thanks to Candace Fradette, Claire Fradette, Louise de Tonnancour, Rose Kandy and Denise Morrisette for setting up the booth and providing fabulous demonstrations throughout the day.

Beaurepaire Artisan Fair

Rug Hooking Demonstration By Ti Seymour

What a glorious day it turned out to be and many wonderful vendors to visit.  Cathy & Paola from LCA joined with Doris/Felter to man 3 large tables on the sidewalk outside their shop.  They provided us with a table of our own, which they helped shuffle around the sidewalk to find shade and relieve my sunburn!  Claire Fradette and myself laid out examples of work, hoops & hooks and demonstrated rug hooking throughout the day.  It was a fun fun day stopping people in their tracks to show them our rugs and tell them about our fabulous Guild.  We had a fair few laughs, hooked up with some long lost friends and found a few people who were keen to learn more - 12 in fact ... not bad for a social day in the sunshine sipping "iced coffee", devouring a cone of maple ice cream and shaking up our inner-child with candy can imagine the sugar rush from all that.

Sherwood Forest Helpers Tea Party

Helpers Tea Party_By Ti Seymour

Grade 5 invited the helpers for an impressive Tea Party last week.  After piling our plates with all the lovely home baked goodies and taking a refreshment, the children visited each of us to show us their Stop Motion Video projects on their school ipads.  They were very proud of all their achievements and were asked to name a couple that stood out.  As each person spoke in the circle that was created, Rug Hooking was by far the most popular.  There were a few funny moments as children recited their tales of the highs and lows.  Paul, particularly stole the show, "I hooked lots of loops and lost lots of loops, they had to call in the whole team to help me, now I'm done - I'd like to hook another one".

*** Follow the link to see the Photo Album: Helpers Tea Party / 4

June Picnic

BHCG 2015 Picnic_By Sally Perodeau

June 6th was a lovely sunny day which allowed us to celebrate our annual picnic outside and to enjoy the beautiful vista of the lake. The Executive and their helpers excelled themselves, making it a day to remember. Besides having tempting goodies to eat, we were given a gift bag that included a clever pin cushion made from soda bottle caps that fitted on our finger. The very talented Claire had organized a workshop to make them.

Two vendors were on hand to tempt us with their wares. Linda from Silk Divine with her magnificent array of silks and our own Judith Dallegret who brought a wonderful selection of hand dyed woollens.

This year's auction was conducted once again by the ever delightful Louise.  Her helper, Jacques, who can't resist offering his aid, livened things up with a few jigs to encourage us to bid on the plaids being offered.  His antics were a lot of fun and made us laugh.

We are forever grateful to the city of Beaconsfield fo…

Follow up - Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest Elementary School Project_

Grade 5 students finished their 6 week Visual Arts block to learn how to Rug Hook.  Some even gave up their lunch break on the last day so they could get their pieces finished.  The children were given free reign on their designs from the pattern design to the material used.  Each one a masterpiece of its own and carefully hooked.

My thanks to the volunteers Dawna Matthew, Claire Fradette, Lois Morris, Cathy Lynam, Isabelle Rollin, Jacques Lepage and Sally Perodeau for joining me.  We have all been invited back to school for a Tea Party on Thursday 11th June ... how yummy!

*** Follow the link to see tha Photo Album: School Project / 3

OHCG Newsletter / In the News

Ontario Hooking Craft Guild - Reports by Branch Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild (Area 1) This is the Quarterly Activities Report published in the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Newsletter. 
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