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Show & Tell - July 2009

Oxen in Summer Designed by Maud Lewis and hooked by Maureen Rowe
This was hooked from a Maud Lewis kit purchased in the boutique of the Art Gallery ofNova Scotia where there is a permanent Maud Lewis exhibition. I was so taken with Maud’s primitive art and her colours that I decided to do this piece of “Oxen in Summer” with variegated wool in the same colours she used, rather than the solid house paint coloured wool that came in the kit, so it is hooked à ma façon. It was lots of fun to do as Maud’ssubjects are always so whimsical.

Fall (sampler) Designed by Mary Lou Lais  Hooked by Lucie Geneviève Lambert
 I used #6 cut and new and recycled wool on monks cloth.

Jacobean A Rittermer Design hooked by Audrey  Colliss
is a print I bought from Rittermer the late eighties.  The colors I used were "Joan Moshimer Jacobean Colors". She spent one whole summer experimenting with the dyes with her windows wide open in her kitchen and the cool breeze coming in off the Atlantic ocean to keep her…