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Stained Glass

How to hook a stained glass piece _  by Denise Vandenbemden Hooking stained glass is actually very easy. The best thing to do is to go to a stained glass supply store and have a good look at the different kinds of glass. Some is mottled, some is spotted and some looks hammered and the choice is endless. Explain your interest to the store keeper and ask if you can take a few pictures. I would suggest you spot-dye your wool. Outline the "glass pieces" on the lines of your pattern and fill in hooking straight or in diagonal or circles to achieve the  desired effect. The outline should be black if you are using strong colors, with light colors charcoal looks better.  For a pattern you can use Ed Sibbet Jr.'s " Stained glass coloring books " from an art and craft store. The patterns may be used without special authorization. Special Show & Tell / Stained Glass Stained Glass. Denise Vandenbemden Stained Glass Denise Vandenbemden Stained glass

Flyer 2008

This is our current flyer! BHCG Flyer (2008)