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OHCG Newsletter / Spring 2022

Juliet Davies and Dawna Matthew/ In the News OHCG Newsletter 2022, Issue 1, Spring. Cover. Juliet Davies’ beautiful Jewel Tulip rug, W. Cushing & Co. appeared on page 21 of the OHCG Newsletter. OHCG Newsletter 2022, Issue 1, Spring, page 21. On page 29, the return of the Ancaster OHCG school is announced. Dawna Matthew will be teaching the Rookie/Refresher Course. The classes are in-person and run from Thursday, October 27 to Sunday, October 30, 2022. OHCG Newsletter 2022, Issue 1, Spring, page 29. On page 30 Dawna Matthew’s Fish Mola designed by Iris Simpson, teacher Jayne Nevins, is shown. OHCG Newsletter 2022, Issue 1, Spring, page 30.

Green Day

St-Patrick’s Day    Today was Green Day, when everybody is Irish, and we all wear green, and celebrate St Patrick’s Day! Our lucky stars proved the weather report wrong and brought us beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows of Centennial Hall, adding to the gaiety.   Cookies made by Claire and Kitt. Claire and Kitt put up decorations, prepared delightful cookies (carefully prepacked in little Ziplock baggies), and even provided a couple of door prizes. Joanne contributed a shamrock plant, fully in bloom to the door prize table. Heather is delighted to receive a card and gifts . We also used the occasion to celebrate Heather, who will be moving to New Brunswick this spring. We surprised her with a gift basket and a card. Luck had it that Heather also won a door prize! The other winners were Denise and Emmy. Thanks to all for a lovely party hook-in. Denise M. Denise won this beautiful gift basket. Emmy is charmed by her flowering shamrock plant.

Derek Morris

In Memory of Derek Morris     August 7, 1931 – March 1, 2022    Derek Morris at BHCG 2016 Picnic (Picture: BHCG Archives) .   It is with great sadness we heard of Derek Morris’s sudden passing. Husband of our guild’s founder Lois J. Morris, and also known as “Driver”, Derek contributed wholeheartedly throughout the years to the workings of the Guild. Not only did Derek drive Lois to weekly meetings, but he also assured the transport of rugs and rug hooking supplies for countless workshops given by Lois and to rug exhibitions and annual picnics at Centennial Hall. He even car-pooled some members to Hook-Ins at Olde Forge. By 2013, he had already logged over 100,000 kilometers! Derek was very proud of Lois whom he called “The Teacher”, her talents, and of the Guild she founded. For years, they opened their country home each summer to members for a picnic hook-in and Derek was most welcoming. At one of the annual Centennial Hall picnics, Derek delivered a moving tribute to the longstandin