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Show & Tell - November 2009

Scrolled Flowers  Hooked by Sylvia Solomon
This rug is a copy of a rug done in punch needle, which was in “A Passion for Punchneedle”. It was originally a pattern for a rug intended for a dollhouse. I enlarged it to 22 inches x 32 inches. I also changed the colours. It is done in a #5 cut and some #3. I used all recycled wool.

Hamilton Lace Designed by Joan Moshimer, modified and hooked by Kay Cousineau
The rug measures 24” x 64” and is in a design that was modified somewhat, especially in the scroll areas. The rug was started during a course given by our teacher, Judith Dallegret, and finished with the help of Lois Morris, our other teacher. The rug was hooked mainly in #5 cut, using a lot of leftover wool from previous projects. I really enjoyed hooking this rug, as it was a total departure from the oriental themes that I had been hooking up till then.

My mistakes Designed by Tara Darr Lais and Hooked by Sharon Clarke
I hooked this rug for my Mother’s 77th birthday. It is made of different …

Fancy Stitches Workshop

Fancy Stitches “101” with Lois Morris by L.G. de Tonnancour

Anyone looking for something new and exciting to enhance a rug should take Lois Morris’s workshop on ‘Fancy Stitches”. Step-by-step, in her usual planful way, she led us into a whole new world of needlework – and each stitch is so beautiful! One of her rugs, now owned by her daughter, served as our reference point. I feel grateful and privileged to have had the opportunity to be one of her students on Saturday, October 17th, at Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield, in what turned out to be a small, attentive group of rug hookers. Any chance for Fancy Stitches “102” in the near future?

Show & Tell - July 2009

Oxen in Summer Designed by Maud Lewis and hooked by Maureen Rowe
This was hooked from a Maud Lewis kit purchased in the boutique of the Art Gallery ofNova Scotia where there is a permanent Maud Lewis exhibition. I was so taken with Maud’s primitive art and her colours that I decided to do this piece of “Oxen in Summer” with variegated wool in the same colours she used, rather than the solid house paint coloured wool that came in the kit, so it is hooked à ma façon. It was lots of fun to do as Maud’ssubjects are always so whimsical.

Fall (sampler) Designed by Mary Lou Lais  Hooked by Lucie Geneviève Lambert
 I used #6 cut and new and recycled wool on monks cloth.

Jacobean A Rittermer Design hooked by Audrey  Colliss
is a print I bought from Rittermer the late eighties.  The colors I used were "Joan Moshimer Jacobean Colors". She spent one whole summer experimenting with the dyes with her windows wide open in her kitchen and the cool breeze coming in off the Atlantic ocean to keep her…

Saint-Jean Baptiste Day 2009

by L.G. de Tonnancour
This year again, Centennial Hall was the meeting place for the Fête nationale du Québec in Beaconsfield. The sky was perfectly clear and live musicians filled the air with traditional Quebecois music. The old white building was decorated for the occasion with blue and white flags and on the grounds, sheltered under small kiosks, artisans of all trades were selling their wares or demonstrating their art. There was a great deal to see. Alice Hamilton, Ailish O’keeffe, Sylvia Solomon and Louise G. de Tonnancour of the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild gave rug hooking demonstrations throughout the event. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter and friendly conversation.

Area 1 Picnic 2009

A day trip in Ontario By Louise G. de Tonnancour Thursday morning, June 11th 2009, Sally Perodeau, Denise Morissette, Maria Romero and myself left Beaconsfield at 8:30 to attend the invitation for a picnic in Mallorytown hosted by the Brockville Thousand Islanders. Sally drove us there, in what was a very smooth drive, in exactly two hours and fifteen minutes.  The Library&Community Hall where the event took place was just ½ km or so off the 401.  We were gracefully welcomed and directed to the beautiful grounds surrounded by trees under which the rug hookers had found places to sit.  In the middle, a white gazebo sheltered one of the vendors, the others regrouped in the shade, along a rustic fence.  On that special day, hats were the theme of the day.  All colours, sizes, shapes and wonderfully decorated, they were everywhere to be seen and admired.  At 12:00, we were invited inside to help ourselves to buffet tables very well garnished with good food and lots of goodies before g…

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Picnic 2009

by Rose Kandy Saturday, May 23, dawned somewhat cloudy and cool – but a little weather has never daunted rug hooking aficionados. Tables and chairs were set out on the lawn at Centennial Hall with its beautiful view of LakeSt. Louis. Refreshments and coffee were kept inside, away from feathered, furry and other creatures that always show up uninvited to picnics. Guests began arriving about 10 and were given badges and tickets. It was a pleasure to welcome  fellow crafters from North Hatley,  Montreal, Pointe-Claire, and our own Beaconsfield, especially those rug hookers who work and are rarely able to join us on Mondays. The sun finally came out and warmed our chilled hands and feet and we all set to hooking. Soon it was lunchtime; the desserts and fruit brought by the hosts made a tasty finish to the meal. At which time, squirrels, a pair of ducks, the ever-present freshwater gulls and blackbirds came in to join the party, much to our amusement.

A session of show and tell followed. What…

A Rough Guide to Rag Rugs

A Rough Guide to Rag Rugs an exhibition to celebrate 21 years of the West Riding Ruggers
Saturday 2 May to Sunday 12 July 2009
Take a trip to see this exciting exhibition of traditional and contemporary rag rugs.  Find out about their historic origins, be surprised by their beauty, and explore how this fabulous textile craft has gone global.  There are colourful hooked and prodded rugs, subtle shirred and braided rugs, even a spectacular rag rug birthday cake. 
Sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Awards for All and the travel book company Rough Guides, discover the story of this successful group of local rug makers still going today after 21 years. 
Over 200 striking rugs and wonderful wall hangings created by group members are on display, many have been inspired by places around the world, from Mongolia to Morocco and from India back home to Yorkshire.  The group has been enthused by special celebrations from home, other countries and from diverse cultures around the globe.

International Postcards

The Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild  goes international By L.G. de Tonnancour Last January, through a member of our group, we learned that The West Riding Ruggers from Bradford, England was preparing a rug show of their own at the Bradford Industrial Museum to be seen from May 2, 2009 till July 12, 2009.  An email, from them, invited ruggers to send pictures of themselves with their rugs, done in any technique, to be exhibited under the International Postcards.     In the spirit of Show & Tell, our guild sent a disc of photos.  Over sea, the idea followed its course, the response was encouraging and with the work and dedication of a wonderful group of people the exhibition has become reality.  Read the press release and see some pictures of the show... I have no doubt, you will be charmed.  
The pictures were taken by Lora West.  All of it was emailed to us by Mrs Penelope Gardiner.

Carving Workshop

Carving Workshop by  Louise G. de Tonnancour
The Beaconsfield Rug Hooking Guild really spoiled us this Spring with two wonderful workshops. The last one of the season “Sculpting” was given to us by Lois Morris, Saturday, April 25th, 2009. What a wonderful and profitable day this day was for all who attended!  Most of us feared of cutting at the wrong place...!!! The instructor gave undeniable expertise and personal care to all her students. It goes without saying that with laughter and good fellowship we all pulled through. Thank you, Lois, for your step by step guidance and the generosity that your teaching prevailed over the years and still fortunately will do, in the future. It’s a wish!

Work in Progress

Show & Tell  by BHCG rug hookers of rugs in progress during Hook-In of April 6th, 2009.

Olde Forge 2009

Olde Forge by Denise Vandenbemden
On Saturday April 4th we were invited to a hook-in hosted by the Olde Forge in Ottawa. Rug hookers from Ontario and Montreal’s West Island hooked together and shared the stories behind the rugs they were making. A sale of hooking supplies had been organized and we felt like children in a Christmas store, looking, touching and buying beautiful wool.  

The hosting ladies had baked delicious goodies for their guests and raffled a basket with desirable hooking supplies for charity as well as the flowers decorating the buffet table.  We had a wonderful time. A big thank you to the ladies of the Olde Forge.

Wonderful Drawing Tutorials!

If you're planning to create a portrait or you want to design a human character, take a look at Jen Tabangcura's  drawing  tutorial at Anatomy plz!

Show & Tell - April 2009

Round trip to New Mexico Designed and hooked by Louise G. de Tonnancour
I always wanted to see New Mexico.My dream became reality during a March school break.Upon my return, I designed and decided to make this rug in the punchneedle technique.  60" in diameter

Sudoku Designed and Hooked by Brenda Ticehurst
When planning my next rug, I wanted to do something that would be more interactive for viewers.  In the summer at the cottage our family does Sudoku contests.  It gave me the idea to hook one.  I chose a puzzle that was symmetrical.  It is a medium difficult one.  To make it more colorful I assigned a consistent colour to each number.  At the bottom I made a pocket to hold pencils and a paper copy of the puzzle for those who wanted to try it.  I also hooked a few individual numbers that could be pinned in place when viewing the work. It is hooked on burlap with #6 Wool strips.

Maureen and her boys Designed and Hooked by Ailish O'Keefe When my children were small I used to draw &quo…

Braiding Rugs

A teacher is born by Louise G. de Tonnancour 
On  Monday, March 30th 2009 a group of rug hookers met at 10:00am at Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield for a workshop on braiding rugs given by Brenda Ticehurst.  There was a lot of  excitement in the air and we just couldn’t wait to start. Our teacher was very well prepared.  In a matter of minutes, we all received a kit with clamps, needles, wool strips and a “How To” booklet that she had put together especially for us.  With a smiling face and a lot of patience she guided each and every one of us through the different steps.  It was a first and very successful experience for Brenda, as a teacher, whose love for braided rugs is very contagious.  Thank you Brenda, for a wonderful day and a job well done!

Karen Kaiser

A great visit by Rose Kandy
On Monday, March 23rd, The Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild hosted Karen Kaiser, Penelope Deering and Julie Ridler, members of the Thousand Islands Rug Hooking Group. Karen spoke to us of the Summer Rug Hooking Retreats at her home near Belleville, Ontario and invited us all to come for one of the weekends. For biographies of the teachers and a summary of the classes as well as a registration form, email her at or call 613-966-2658.
The classes will run from April to October end. Along with 7 other teachers, each weekend will be devoted to a different aspects or rug hooking and wool art. Karen, who is a graphic designer by trade, has an especially good eye for original design, as we saw from the rugs she demonstrated. All these ladies are very talented and it was a real pleasure to chat with them. 

The other topic which the Group particularly holds dear is the marketing of a beautiful rug some 20 members hooked in order to raise money…

About Proddy

by Louise G. de Tonnancour

This very old technique is still well used by ruggers in England especially the Yorkshire where Heather Ritchie lives. I learned the Proddytechnique withher in a workshop I took with her 3 years ago. 

You will need a plyer or a sharp.
Cut the strips.

On the right side of the rug consists in pulling, with a plyer, short strips of fabrics (about 6 cm long x 1.5 cm wide) through the canvas.

How to prolong the life of your rug

Do you want to prolong the life of your rug?
Click on the link to visit The Canadian Conservation Institut Web site and read How to care for carpets and rugs.

Show & Tell - January 2009

The covered bridge Designed by Maud Lewis and hooked by Marion Hood
This is a rug hooking pattern from a Maud Lewis painting, purchased from Highland Heart Hooking School, N.S. 
The scene reminds me of River John, Nova Scotia, 100 years ago and of the covered bridge and my grandfather Murray M.D, making calls in his sleigh and Trixie, his horse. Hooked in # 4 and # 6 . The sparkly snow is a skein of mohair and wool, acrylic and nylon (sparkle)

Pond Hockey Club Designed and Hooked by Alice Hamilton
The idea behind the picture came from 3 sources. My great nephew Alex was learning to skate and spent a lot of time laying flat on the ice, refusing to get up. Can you find him in the picture? You're right. He is the one flat on his tummy. The second source was an article I read in Canadian Geographic Magazine about pond hockey tournaments in New Brunswick. That triggered a memory of my father cleaning the snow off a section of the river at our farm so that my sister and I could skate.  The end…