Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Picnic 2009

by Rose Kandy
Saturday, May 23, dawned somewhat cloudy and cool – but a little weather has never daunted rug hooking aficionados. Tables and chairs were set out on the lawn at Centennial Hall with its beautiful view of Lake St. Louis. Refreshments and coffee were kept inside, away from feathered, furry and other creatures that always show up uninvited to picnics.
Guests began arriving about 10 and were given badges and tickets. It was a pleasure to welcome  fellow crafters from North HatleyMontreal, Pointe-Claire, and our own Beaconsfield, especially those rug hookers who work and are rarely able to join us on Mondays. The sun finally came out and warmed our chilled hands and feet and we all set to hooking. Soon it was lunchtime; the desserts and fruit brought by the hosts made a tasty finish to the meal. At which time, squirrels, a pair of ducks, the ever-present freshwater gulls and blackbirds came in to join the party, much to our amusement.

A session of show and tell followed. What lovely pieces, what originality, what creativity and especially what interesting stories!   See the rugs and enjoy them as much as we did.
Now, the reason for the tickets was unveiled – Denise Vandenbemden, our President, had assembled a basket of rug hooking goodies; it contained coffee, chocolate, wine, a Dorr swatch and bundle and several packets of dyes. Carolyn Ells from the  St.Henri  Hookers won the basket, she then graciously chose some of the contents of the basket and held a second drawing.
Denise Vandenbemden and Carolyn Ells
Sharon Clarke had made lavender sachets to be distributed to our guests and to any members who wanted one. Thank you Sharon for your thoughtfulness.
Too soon, it was time to say goodbye to our guests and members. All who attended enjoyed it immensely and it was a delightful finish to another fun year of rug hooking and camaraderie.

Follow the link to see the Photo Album: BHCG 2009 Picnic

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