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Christmas Card

Happy Holidays! The Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild executive sends out warm Season’s Greetings to all our members and friends. Christmas Card 2022 created by Emmy Maten. Illustration: Maria Romero. This pinecone decoration was made by Emmy at Claire’s November 21 workshop.  Related Posts : Workshop

Holiday Season

Christmas Party    December 12, 2022 The Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild celebrated the Holiday Season with a surprise-filled Christmas party this past Monday. Penny-baubles. The room looked festive, especially with Karen and Harold’s Pink Christmas Tree with ornaments! To everyone’s delight, Santa suddenly arrived, a large sack slung over one shoulder, and he danced around and said how HAPPY he was to see us all and handed out crackers and patties for each. Santa makes a surprise visit. Then, the big reveal! It was Ti! (She had arrived on the weekend from “North Pole” Toronto, after a grueling 14-hour drive in a snowstorm along the whole of highway 401!). It's Ti! Mary set up her baby grand electric keyboard, and the fun Christmas singing began, popular songs with the lyrics changed to Hookin’ Words. Mary offered some prizes to those who could come up with more songs with Hookin’ lyrics! Our members delivered: Chris, Helen, and Dawna came up with a song, and then so did Isabel

December 4th

International Rug Hooking Day with the Martintown Guild    Sunday Dec 4, 2022    Martintown Wild and Woolly Rug Hookers. Yesterday, our rug hooking guild was treated to a wonderful International Rug Hooking Day celebration organized by our dear friends the Martintown Wild and Woolly Rug Hooking Guild and held in South Lancaster, Ontario. The last time we enjoyed this shared event was in December 2019, making this reunion particularly special. We met in the Hall of St Andrew’s church in South Lancaster. The Martintown Guild had plenty of surprizes for us – a silent auction, a live auction, a $5 table, door prizes, pizza lunch for all, and a sweet table! All proceeds will go to charity. To everyone’s delight, our Dawna, Isabelle, and Jacques were the vendors present and our guild brought numerous great door prizes to add to the fun. We are grateful to the Martintown Guild for inviting us and for all the behind-the-scenes work they did to make this all possible. Dawna and her beautiful wo