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Latest News

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to prolong the life of your rug

Do you want to prolong the life of your rug?

Click on the link to visit The Canadian Conservation Institut Web site and read How to care for carpets and rugs.

Show & Tell - January 2009

Marion Hood

The covered bridge
Designed by Maud Lewis and hooked by Marion Hood

This is a rug hooking pattern from a Maud Lewis painting, purchased from Highland Heart Hooking School, N.S. 
The scene reminds me of River John, Nova Scotia, 100 years ago and of the covered bridge and my grandfather Murray M.D, making calls in his sleigh and Trixie, his horse.
Hooked in # 4 and # 6 . The sparkly snow is a skein of mohair and wool, acrylic and nylon (sparkle)

Alice Hamilton

Pond Hockey Club
Designed and Hooked by Alice Hamilton

The idea behind the picture came from 3 sources. My great nephew Alex was learning to skate and spent a lot of time laying flat on the ice, refusing to get up. Can you find him in the picture? You're right. He is the one flat on his tummy.
The second source was an article I read in Canadian Geographic Magazine about pond hockey tournaments in New Brunswick. That triggered a memory of my father cleaning the snow off a section of the river at our farm so that my sister and I could skate.  The end result came together in this winter scene. It is done in # 3 and # 4 cut wool with some white yarn for highlights on the snow in the foreground on a linen background.

Lois Morris

Autumn Chrysanthemum
Designed and Hooked by Lois Morris

I had been thinking about hooking this girl for a while and last year I set about putting her on paper.  The first few drawings were not quite what I wanted. In fact I had the whole thing on my rug warp and she looked at me and I don't like my surroundings.  So I changed them along with her dress.  I made it longer added the coat instead of the scarves I had around her neck and took her off the flagstone patio and put her where she is today.  She has an Eurasian look to her and I had a Chinese friend name her in Chinese, I do not have the where with all to write the Chinese figures on the computer but the translation is "Autumn Chrysanthemum" (a Chinese girls name).  I feel it fits her perfectly.

Maria M. Romero

 Magic at Night
Designed and Hooked by Maria Margarita Romero

Volcanoes are one of the most amazing wonders of nature that I have ever seen in my life. I went several times to Costa Rica where I visited Arenal Volcano, which is one of the most active in the world. Feeling the power of nature has always been an incredible experience.
During the day, I saw this giant throw ashes and rocks. By night I saw its lava flows, I heard its roar and I felt the ground tremor.
I used number  6 cut and some number 3. I used new and recycled wool and a little of acrylic for the lava, and I have chosen a two color whipping: blue lavender for the sky and brown for the earth.    
Lois Morris has dyed the wool for the background.
This piece is part of a series of world's volcanoes.