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How to prolong the life of your rug

Do you want to prolong the life of your rug? Click on the link to visit The Canadian Conservation Institut Web site and read  How to care for carpets and rugs .

Show & Tell - January 2009

The covered bridge Designed by Maud Lewis and hooked by Marion Hood This is a rug hooking pattern from a Maud Lewis painting, purchased from Highland Heart Hooking School, N.S.  The scene reminds me of River John, Nova Scotia , 100 years ago and of the covered bridge and my grandfather Murray M.D, making calls in his sleigh and Trixie, his horse. Hooked in # 4 and # 6 . The sparkly snow is a skein of mohair and wool, acrylic and nylon (sparkle) Pond Hockey Club Designed and Hooked by Alice Hamilton The idea behind the picture came from 3 sources. My great nephew Alex was learning to skate and spent a lot of time laying flat on the ice, refusing to get up. Can you find him in the picture? You're right. He is the one flat on his tummy. The second source was an article I read in Canadian Geographic Magazine about pond hockey tournaments in New Brunswick . That triggered a memory of my father cleaning the snow off a section of the river at our far