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Show & Tell - October 2008

Denise Morissette. Laurierville, Quebec, my village. Laurierville, Quebec, my village Designed and Hooked by Denise Morissette The landscape reproduces the countryside where I grew up. These images are a product of my imagination and memory of the beautiful Appalachian region where I lived my youngest years. I choose to recreate the color of spring when nature wakens after the winter. Photos are used as model for the design of houses and the church of the village. The dimension is 39 x 26 ½ inches. This work is made with number 6 and 3 cuts. The wool used is from clothes bought in second hand stores. For the sky I used wool bought by the meter. The graduated blue color was done under the supervision of Lois Morris in a workshop on dyeing. Sylvia Solomon. Floral Fantasy #1. Original. Floral Fantasy # 1 Designed and Hooked by Sylvia Salomon I like crewel-type florals and I like to draw my own pattern. This is an asymmetrical design with different kinds of flowers wit