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St-Jean 2008

This year again, Centennial Hall was the meeting place for the Fête nationale du Québec in Beaconsfield.   Sylvia Solomon, Claire Fradette, Denise Vandenbemden et Denise Morissette  of the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild gave rug hooking demonstrations throughout the event. 

Show & Tell - June 2008

For the launching of our Web site, we chose an aquatic theme inspired by the Lac St-Louis -which is a door step of our guild house-, the Internet navigation and the concept of being "hooked".

Fisherman Designed and hooked by Lorayne Charenko
This is a rug I made with Lois Morris in one of her portrait workshops. I learned a lot about shadows and portraits and I was very excited. After this course, I was looking at people differently, observing shadows skins tones, people’s noses and other features. I was looking for an inspiration for my portrait and I found it in a National Geographic Magazine. I saw a male portrait and I decided to do one fisherman smoking a pipe. So, this is an adaptation from a picture in an old National Geographic Magazine. I used a number 3 and 4 cut. I over dyed old pieces and material reclaim and I dyed the background myself.

Haida Whale Designed and hooked by Sally Perodeau
It was once believed a whale could capture a canoe and transform its occupants int…