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Saturday Hook-in

Inaugural Saturday Hook-in At Le Coin Artisanal     On Saturday 5th October, 10 members of BHCG came together for the first of many Hook-Ins scheduled at Le Coin Artisanal – further dates are listed on the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild Website. LCA have a beautiful bright craft room at the back of their shop, not only did we have a fantastic place to hook, we also took advantage of perusing their wide variety of yarns and crafting supplies.  Shoppers at LCA were welcome to look at the pieces being worked on and encouraged to sign-up for the upcoming Introduction to Rug Hooking Class being run over 2 dates; 19th October and 9th November – further details of this class can be found on BHCG + LCA Websites. Co-Presidents and members present congratulated Carolyn Ells for receiving an honorable mention in “Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs” for her rug “Ginger”. The Guild will have this edition of Celebration in its library very soon. Thank you to Claire Fradette for bringing a

Beginners Workshop

Snowflake. Hooked by Riita Jackson Introduction to Rug Hooking $65, Materials Included 2 Saturdays 19th October and 9th November, 2013 10AM - 2PM Le Coin Artisanal   / Website 454A Beaconsfield Blvd. Beaconsfield, Quebec, H9W 4B9 For further information email the presidents

Show & Tell / October-December 2013

Floral Fantasy No. 2 by Sylvia Solomon Floral Fantasy No. 2  by Sylvia Solomon This rug was my own design inspired by my love of flowers and colours. It is done in no. 5 cut. I did some dyeing, but the majority is recycled wool used as is. Falling Birch Leaves  by Brenda Ticehurst   Falling Birch Leaves   by Brenda Ticehurst This rug was the depiction of the view from our cottage veranda in late September. I saw a painting of Birches by Tim Packer in Ottawa and was delighted and decided to try to capture the large white birches against the lake and sky. The rug measures 36” x 48” and was hooked on linen with dyed new and recycled wool, cut in no. 6 and no. 8. Most of the recycled wool came from tweed jackets. Santa Claus by Mayumi Takahashi Santa Claus  by Mayumi Takahashi This decorative tapestry was adapted from the design of a tin of chocolates I bought during the  Christmas season. The Santa measures 24" x 19&quo