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Show and Tell / July- September 2013

Friends? by Aillish O'Keeffe This rug measures 29" x 24", hooked on a rug warp backing. The figures were done from pieces of wool that I already had (most of the yellow background was dyed by Lois Morris for me). I don't know anything about recycled and I don't dye,so I buy wool pieces when they go on sale at our Guild, or on the rare occasion when I meet up with vendors. An artist called STRATOS inspires the actual design from a painting I saw. I believe he is Greek but his studio is in France . Sampler by Denise Vandenbemden Sampler made for a 2010 class about alternative hooking given by Lois Morris. Hooked with cuts # 3 and #4 on burlap. The sampler contains the stitches Aztec, Chevron, 4-Loop Chess, Chain, Turkey, Carving and Reverse Hooking, as well as Regular Hooking. I hand dyed all the wool used in this project. Cocoabana (Cushion) designed by Lois Morris, hooked by Sally Perodeau The design for this peac