Show and Tell / July- September 2013

Friends by Aillish O'Keeffe

by Aillish O'Keeffe

This rug measures 29" x 24", hooked on a rug warp backing. The figures were done from pieces of wool that I already had (most of the yellow background was dyed by Lois Morris for me). I don't know anything about recycled and I don't dye,so I buy wool pieces when they go on sale at our Guild, or on the rare occasion when I meet up with vendors. An artist called STRATOS inspires the actual design from a painting I saw. I believe he is Greek but his studio is in France.

Sampler by Denise Vandenbemden

by Denise Vandenbemden

Sampler made for a 2010 class about alternative hooking given by Lois Morris. Hooked with cuts # 3 and #4 on burlap. The sampler contains the stitches Aztec, Chevron, 4-Loop Chess, Chain, Turkey, Carving and Reverse Hooking, as well as Regular Hooking. I hand dyed all the wool used in this project.

Cocoabana by Sally Perodeau
Cocoabana (Cushion)
designed by Lois Morris,
hooked by Sally Perodeau

The design for this peacock cushion was originally a project to show how one could use fancy stitches in rug hooking. The cushion measures 13" x 14".
Materials used: rug warp, string for border, tapestry wool for the body, bought swatches, left over wool from previous projects. Black knitting wool, not highly recommended on a pale background, as it is very "hairy".

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