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OHCG Newsletter / In The News

Ontario Hooking Craft Guild - Reports by Branch Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild (Area 1) This is the Quarterly Activities Report published in the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Newsletter. Click to enlarge. OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4 Winter 2017, Cover Page OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4 Winter 2017, Page 4 OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4 Winter 2017,  Page 6: Reports by Branch It was so nice to see our Covered Bridges featured in this issue of OHCG! OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4 Winter 2017, Page 33 OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4 Winter 2017, Back cover

Xmas 2017

Happy Holidays! Xmas 2017. Illustration: Maria Romero

Xmas Hook-in!

A Festive Hook-in! By Dawna Matthew We celebrated the holidays at our last 2017 Hook-In on December 11th. Everyone was in a festive mood, gifts were exchanged and delicious goodies enjoyed. It was nice to see one of our new members, Ann, win a basket full of wool. This will help her stash grow!

Show & Tell / December 2017

Show & Tell: Xmas! Hooked Bags! Hooked by Claire Fradette Claire Fradette I received the beautiful red handle as a birthday gift from a dear friend and so it became my inspiration to hook a purse for it at a course I took in Ontario. Original by Denise Morissette Denise Morissette This bag is an original design. It is made out of a discarded cotton knit skirt cut in No. 8. Hooked by Denise Morissette Denise Morissette I have hooked the brown bag using a burlap bag I bought at Dollarama*, The stylized flower uses the different stitches learned in a workshop given by Lois Morris. New wool was used in  No. 3 and 6 cuts. * Dollar Store Hooked by Carolyn Ells Carolyn Ells This purse was “made in a day” at a Green Mountain workshop in the fall 2016. It is perfect to use for errands when I take the car.  For the hooking I used new hand-dyed wool on monk’s cloth. ***Follow these links to see other bags

International Hook-In Day

December 4th, 2017 International Hook-In Day Dec. 4th 2017, 10 Am to 3 PM St Mary's Community Center 19659 County Road 19 Williamstown, Ontario Hosted by Beaconsfield & Martintown Guilds By Dawna Matthew International Hook-In Day 2017 - Hosted by Beaconsfield & Martintown Guilds 62 Rug Hookers from 8 Guilds attend On Monday, December 4th, we got together with our friends, The Martintown Wild and Woollies, and hosted International Rug Hooking Day at the St Mary’s Community in Williamstown, Ontario. What a wonderful day! We had 62 rug hookers attend with representatives from the following groups: Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters  Guild  Brockville and Thousand Islands Chateauguay Valley’s Rollicking Rug Hookers Martintown Wild & Woolies On Track II Ottawa Olde Forge Prescott Hoops and Hooks St-Henri Rug Hookers Plus 3 vendors: Loretta Moore of Hooked on the Lake, with her rug hooking and needle punch supplies Mitch from the Millinery