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Latest News

Latest News

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Greeting Cards Project

Greeting Cards
Some pieces of the Greeting Cards Collection
As part of our 40th anniversary celebration activities, the guild has decided to print greeting cards featuring the rug hooking of our teachers and members.

Greeting Cards Project
Greeting Cards Project - 40th Anniversary
From their own collections Guild members chose pieces which represent the evolution of styles over our forty year history from the early days to the most recent work.   Ti Seymour and Bob Turnbull took care of photographing the selected pieces.    Maria Romero, who suggested this special project, was in charge of the photo retouching, design and printing process of the greeting cards.

A total of 21 members participated in this project which includes a collection of 28 cards with a variety of styles: floral, geometric, landscape, portrait, folk art, animals and story rugs.  The Guild's collection of greeting cards will be on sale during special activities such as our annual picnic, demonstrations and exhibitions.

1 & 2 - Sylvia Solomon
03 - Carolyn Ells
04 - Dawna Matthew
05 - Judith Dallegret
06 -  Maria Romero
07 - Ailish O'Keeffe
08 -  Ti Seymour 

09- Ti Seymour
10 - Denise Morissette
11 - Jeanne Osler
12 - Dana Matthew
13 - Isabelle Rollin
14 - Rose Kandy
15 - Mayumi Tsuji
16- Lois Morris

17 - Brenda Ticehurst
18 - Claire Fradette
19 - Lois Morris
20 & 22 - Denise Vandenbemden
21 - Sally Perodeau
23 - Louise G. de Tonnancour

24 - Jacques Lepage
25 - Alice Hamilton
26 - Jacqueline Bouchard
27 - Lorayne Charenko
28 - Denise Morissette

Friday, May 8, 2015

Volunteer West Island / The Guild In the News

Volunteer West Island
Volunteer West Island - Logo

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild Reaches Out to  West Island  Meals on Wheels Clients

As a special anniversary project, the ladies from the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild
have set aside their March meeting date to start making beautiful, handmade wool flowers they are donating to Volunteer West Island for distribution to the clients of the 13 West Island Meals on Wheels kitchens.

“We are celebrating our 40th anniversary and thought it would be nice to give back to the
community. Crafting flowers is not the usual pursuit of rug hookers but we thought it would be a small gesture to brighten the day of Meals on Wheels recipients”, says Linda Henderson, Vice President and Media & Publicity coordinator of the Guild.

The Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild, a branch member of Ontario Hooking Crafters Guild, was founded by Lois Morris in 1975. “She and a few of the original members continue to be active members and an inspiration to us all. Lois and Judith Dallegret are our resident teachers,” states Ms Henderson.

The Guild is supported by the city of Beaconsfield and members participate a number of public activities throughout the year.
Formal classes are offered to guild members and introductory projects are made available to people  who want to try their hand at rug hooking.

“The guild's mission is to actively promote the craft of rug hooking in the community and we recently had the pleasure of teaching a class of children. We are pleased rug
hooking is enjoying renewed popularity, with new members joining us every few months”.

Members meet Mondays at Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield and Saturdays at Le Coin Artisanal in Beaurepaire Village. For more information: http://www.beaconsfieldrughooking.com/home.html

Shelley Hayden, VWI Volunteer Outreach Coordinator states, “This small gesture is really a large one. They are using their hands and good spirit to create  something of beauty for complete strangers. How amazing is that?
The MOW clients we typically see referred to us are isolated seniors, often living alone with little to no help from family or friends available to them. Receiving a flower will put
a smile on their faces and they’ll feel less isolated”.

Volunteer West Island
It’s about time...
...time to help others


Padula Party
Volunteer West Island Website Screen Shoot - May 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rug Hooking Demonstration

Rug Hooking Demo
Beaconsfield Quilters Guild - Logo

Rug Hooking Demonstration at Beaconsfield Quilters Show

By Rose Kandy
On a beautiful sunny May Sunday morning, Denise Vandenbendem and I went to McGill University, Macdonald Campus in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, a town situated at the western tip of Montreal. We were invited by Le Coin Artisanal (our Saturday hook-in home) to demonstrate the art of rug hooking to visitors and quilters attending the Beaconsfield Quilters Show held in Centennial Centre.

We set up shop next to the LCA Booth with our rug samples and literature on the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild. Soon we had visitors stopping by to inquire about the rugs, the tools, how hooking is done, what materials are used. We had been told that our demonstration would be for 20 minutes, however, more than two hours later we were still explaining, in English or French, the art of rug hooking.  Before we left, we took the opportunity to visit the many quilts on display: memory quilts done with such love, challenge pieces where quilters are given a subject which each one quilts according to their vision and inspiration.  Almost every type of material one can imagine seemed to find its way into quilted blankets and art pieces. Undoubtedly the most fascinating pieces were quilted figures incorporating cheesecloth, which gave a whole new dimension to the work.

Other than Le Coin Artisanal, there were many vendors in the hall, while in an adjoining area BQG had set up a delightful tearoom featuring tables with green tablecloths and small flowering plants as decorations. Our time there was very enjoyable and our congratulations to the Beaconsfield Quilters Guild for such a beautiful show of quilts.