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Artisan's Fair

Beaconsfield Artisans’ Fair     Saturday, September 23, 2023 For the second year in a row, our guild participated in the popular Beaconsfield Artisans’ Fair. We had 2 booths – one provided by the City to promote our craft, and another provided by our guild to sell our members’ crafts to the public. Our booths were ideally located alongside our Centennial Park Poster Rug Exhibit, giving us the opportunity to encourage visitors to further tour our talented artists’ work.  Many thanks to Isabelle, Jacques, Claire, Chris, Leslie, Karen, and Harold for setting up, taking on the big task of vendor, for welcoming and providing information to the public, and for finally disassembling everything at the end of the day. Thank you also to our members and friends who contributed their beautiful crafts to fill the sales tables, and to those who dropped by to visit.  There were more than 50 booths to visit. Our two BHCG booths. Jacques and Laura wave hello! BHCG Artisans’ craft booth, with our promot

Pinehill Woolgathering

The Pinehill Woolgathering 2023    September 10, 2023 The Pinehill Woolgathering was a popular event this weekend with a constant flow of visitors, despite Sunday’s rain. There were more vendors than last year and something to interest everyone, as there was a full range of artisans’ booths, and even an animal rescue booth which successfully found new homes for some of their rescues. Food was available on-site and we enjoyed Greg’s delicious Raw Food vegan Pad Thai for lunch. It was lovely to meet our many rug hooking friends from the Beaconsfield, Martintown, and Ormstown guilds. The llamas and sheep were curious to see the public. (Photo courtesy of Laura). Set up under a canopy of trees, each booth presented unique and beautiful crafts done by local artists. Isabelle and Jacques’ booth was very popular. Jane and Mary, from Martintown, once again had their booth “A Crow’s Life”, displaying their many wool crafts. Laura participated in Lilyanne’s spinning workshop. Poster.