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Show & Tell / March 2020

Special Show & Tell : Things are going to be OK_ We will all get through these troubling times together!  Somewhere over the rainbow. Original by Denise Vandenbemden Denise Vandenbemden  Somewhere over the rainbow  Original In 2015, the theme of the 45th Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Exhibition was "The Sound of Colour". This is what inspired the rainbow to represent colour, and the musical notes and the violin to evoke sound. Clothesline in the winds, hooked by Monique Goulet Monique Goulet  Clothesline in the winds  Adapted with permission from a painting by Francine Bourque During a trip to the Magdalen Islands, at the first stop when I got off the boat, I saw a painting by the artist Francine Bourque. I was very touched by her art, and I asked her permission to copy her work. This piece is made with wool from Judith Dallegret, mainly cut in number 6 strips. Keywords: Covid


Reunions cancelled due to COVID-19_ During the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, all BHCG hooking sessions: both at Centennial Hall and at La Tricolette, are cancelled until further notice. Keywords: Covid