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The Exhibition

The 35th anniversary exhibition by Louise G. de Tonnacour “ Art is the expression of man’s pleasure in work”, William Morris.  I had this quotation in mind while visiting the Beaconsfield Rug Hooking Guild exhibition. This two day event, marking the 35 th  anniversary of the guild, took place on the 25 th  and 26 th  of September 2010.   On this occasion, visitors were able to view an excellent retrospective of the work done by the artists and artisans of the association.  In all the rugs, large or small, one could take the time to study the technique, the originality of the design and the choice of colours.  The ladies of the guild guided guests through the technical aspects of rug hooking, however, I noticed, they remained humble to praise. Within the guild, there are three decades of know-how, learning and teaching experience and lots of memories.  Week after week, members meet to work together, each according to thei

Honoring Lois Morris

Beaconsfield Centennial Celebration    Honoring Lois Morris      Founder of the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild    by Rose Kandy     As part of the city’s centennial celebration a cocktail party was held on Friday September 24 th 2010 to honor the founders of the Beaconsfield Associations. Mayor, David Pollock, presented the honorees with a picture of the Old Grove Hotel (now the Beaconsfield Yacht Club) and the book “Beaconsfield and Beaurepaire” by Robert L.Baird and Gisèle Hall.