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Saint Henri

Saint Henri Retreat_  Ermitage Sainte-Croix
Pierrefonds, QC         
February 15th-16th, 2020       
By Chris Delaney
What a wonderful weekend! What made it special was the gathering of guilds from not only Montreal but also from the Ottawa area. Present were members of St Henri, Beaconsfield, Old Forge and Burris Falls (hope I didn't miss any!).

There were hours of talking, laughing, sharing, consultation, encouragement, admiration and we did hook as well. It was a great success! 
Thanks to Loretta, Isabelle and Jacques for vending their fabulous wares! 

Carol P. from Old Forge sent me some photos of Saturday evening - the view from the dining room. Enjoy the photos!

Chesterville Spin-In

Rug Hookers at a Spin-In?_ By Isabelle Rollin

Jacques and I went a bit out of our comfort zone and accepted an invitation to vend at a Spin-in  on February 15th in Chesterville, Ontario. What fun! Jacques made spindles and distaffs for the occasion, and I designed special name tags and wooden things  for spinners. We also brought rug hooking items and introduced punch hooking to spinners who have tons of beautiful wool. 
We are looking forward to attending this event again next year. See you there.

Red Day

Valentine's Day Special_ By: Emmy Maten      

February 10th, 2020     

A sudden last-minute snow alert issued by Environment Canada for 15 cm of snow Monday morning kept many of our members from coming to our Valentine's Day party. But eight of us did come, including Claire and Kitt and all the treats, decorations and fun they had prepared, so we partied!

Missing from the group picture are Claudette and Emmy. Yes, those are cherry sprinkle cupcakes, fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, shortbread, and more.

For all who wore red (and also for those who forgot), Claire had made us Valentine brooches from tartan wool fabric and recycled zippers. Too LOVE-ly, Claire!

Claire also created a game to decide who would win the first door-prize. We had to guess the 3 ingredients which went into making the delicious truffles shown here. Any ideas? For those who are curious, the answer is Chocolate chips, Peanut butter, and Maple syrup. Yummy.

The fantastic door prizes were provided by …

Show & Tell / February 2020

Special Show & Tell / St Valentine's Day_
Live, Laugh, Love, Life - 2017 By Ti Seymour

This was my therapy rug.  I needed something easy, something I could de-stress with and remind myself that life does get better by Living, Loving and Laughing through life.  I think I get top marks for giving that period of my life my best effort!

St Valentine

I'm Hooked_ Happy St Valentine's Day! Happy Hook-In