Red Day

Valentine's Day Special_ 

By: Emmy Maten      

February 10th, 2020     

A sudden last-minute snow alert issued by Environment Canada for 15 cm of snow Monday morning kept many of our members from coming to our Valentine's Day party. But eight of us did come, including Claire and Kitt and all the treats, decorations and fun they had prepared, so we partied!

From Right to Left: Claire, Angelina, Jacqueline, Kitt, Heather and Joanne. 

Missing from the group picture are Claudette and Emmy. Yes, those are cherry sprinkle cupcakes, fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, shortbread, and more.

For all who wore red (and also for those who forgot), Claire had made us Valentine brooches from tartan wool fabric and recycled zippers. Too LOVE-ly, Claire!

Valentine's Pin By Claire Fradette

Claire also created a game to decide who would win the first door-prize. We had to guess the 3 ingredients which went into making the delicious truffles shown here. Any ideas? For those who are curious, the answer is Chocolate chips, Peanut butter, and Maple syrup. Yummy.

Door-prize Game

The fantastic door prizes were provided by Claire, Kitt and Jacqueline, enough for each of us to go home with one.
Most of us even got some hooking done!  Thank-you all for the fun day!

Kitt and Emmy “Wow” over the door-prize table

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