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3 Teacher's tips

Tips by Lois Morris_ 1 When hooking in a small area with a limited amount of space or when shading in a small area, remember this:  if you zig-zag your loops, it will appear to have more colour and the next colours will fit between the previous loops and you will not get a striped look. 2 The selvedge of your wool is not always good to hook with. Tear the selvedge off. Keep the strip and when you are making a dye formula, cut a few short pieces, soak them well and dip them in your solution and squeeze the water out and you will see the approximate light shade you will achieve. This will help you know if you have the colour you want and whether you need to make adjustments.    N.B.   Remember when you remove the selvedge to make some slashes in the top of your wool so you rip and cut it in the proper direction. 3 If you are hooking a piece that you plan to hang, this is a good idea:  by having it mounted on a stretcher frame, you can attach  those little saw too