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Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays!

On-Line Celebration / Photo Album 2

Photo Album / 2 As part of our On-Line Celebration, we have created a Photo Album Page. Here you have the pictures from 1993 until 2003.

Part 2: 1993 - 2003 

On-Line Celebration / Photo Album 1

Photo Album / 1 As part of our On-Line Celebration, we have created a Photo Album Page. Enjoy!

1st part: 1974 - 1992

On-Line Celebration

40th AnniversaryOn-Line celebrationBy Maria Romero, Webmaster

To celebrate 2015 as our 40th Anniversary Year, I have created three special projects as a gift to the Guild: 40 Years Page, Illustrations, and a New Animated Rug Video.

The 40 years page includes a message from the executive, a message from our founder: Lois Morris, and the 40th Anniversary Logo. This page  is connected to three other sub-pages: Program, Guestbook and Photo Album, with old pictures and newspapers articles.

A 40th Anniversary Logo was created to be used as the main illustration during our celebrations. Some other illustrations have been published on our Website (News and Blog) and our Facebook Page for April Fool's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. All of them include our distinctive hook, which is part of our Website banner and our visual identity.
For more information about the Logo,  follow this link.

To close the year, a new Clip of Animated Rugs was released on December 19th, 2015, featur…

The Suburban / The Guild In The News

Beaconsfield "hookers" give mugs and rugs and a dose of Christmas cheerBy Rhonda Massad
The Suburban

Dec 16, 2015

On Saturday, December 12, the members of the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild spread Christmas cheer by presenting mugs and rugs to the West Island Mission.

The Pointe Claire Claycrafters joined the fun by donating hand made pottery mugs along with those donated by the rug hookers themselves. Each festively wrapped gift included tea, hot chocolate and candles in a mug along with a handcrafted, hooked coaster to match. Rug hooking was once used to be a survival craft to provide warmth, rug hooking, is now an art form.

According to rug hooker and vice president of the guild, Linda Henderson, the idea was to bring a little cheer to the recipients of the Missions food baskets were also delivered last Saturday.

“There will be many happy people when they see these gifts of love handmade for them,” Wendy Gariepy of West Island Mission said in an email exchange. “We ar…

Festive Hook-In

Monday, December 14, 2015
Festive Hook-in_ Christmas 2015

What a way to celebrate Christmas! We had a wonderful Hook-In! 
*** Follow the Link to see the Photo Album:  Festive Hook-In 2015

Mug Rug Beginners Classes

Introduction to Rug Hooking  November 28 & December 12, 2015

Participants learned the basics of Rug Hooking from members of BHCG.

Mug Rug Hook-In

Mugs Rugs for Christmas
By Linda Henderson

The members got into the Christmas spirit and presented mugs and mug rugs to West Island Mission which helps to support a great number of families in the West Island with food baskets, household supplies and gifts throughout the year and especially at Christmas.  Pointe-Claire Claycrafters  donated some exquisite pottery mugs while others were given by the rug hookers themselves.  Each festively wrapped gift included tea, hot chocolate and candies in a mug, along with a handcrafted, hooked coaster to match. We hoped to bring a little cheer to the recipients of the Mission’s food baskets which were delivered Saturday, Dec. 12.  In the words of  Wendy Gariepy of West Island Mission, "There will be many happy people when they see these gifts of love handmade for them."  We are grateful for the generous response of the Claycrafters and pleased to be involved in this collaborative effort with other West Island groups in an endeavour to ad…

First Piece

Congratulaitions Andrée! New member at BHCG Andrée Lapensée finishes her first piece. Well done Andrée It's a chair pad for her front room at home. Her own design of a fishing village that captures the rugged coastal scene perfectly.

International Hook-In Day

Sherwood Forest Elementary School
International Rug Hooking Day - December 4th
Submitted by Ti Seymour

Our celebrity Grade 6’ers at Sherwood Forest Elementary became our focus for this day.  We wanted them to have a hooked piece to take home either for themselves or as a gift for someone special this Christmas.  Each child hooked an initial on a ready-to-hang frame, which was completed within 2 hours and wrapped by helpers at the end.  We took along Punch Hooking equipment for children that were challenged by traditional rug hooking at our last event.  They were delighted to find this was a much easier alternative.  Teachers and aides also hooked alongside the children and the collaboration between both was heartwarming indeed.  Principal, Mr. Torunian, witnessing the scene, was truly impressed.  Many thanks to Dawna Matthew and Claire Fradette who put some considerable time into setting up this event with me and helping out on the day. Many thanks also to Linda Henderson, Isabelle Roll…