Rug Hooked Tree Decorations

December 1st, 2015

Beaconsfield Library

Submitted by Ti Seymour

Beaconsfield Library invited Associations to decorate a two-foot Christmas Tree that would be displayed in the Library through the Holiday season.  Denise Vandenbemden, Jeanne Osler, Dawna Matthew and myself jumped to the challenge to produce some lovely pieces that represented our Guild.  Hats off to Dawna for producing a tree skirt in record breaking time, which looked fabulous too.  Notable mention to Mary McMurray and Andrée Lapensée for a joint venture on the Christmas Star which was far too gorgeous to leave off the tree - regardless of size.   Advertising materials and a few Christmas-related items were placed alongside our tree for interested people to take.  Further photos of the trees can be found at

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild

Beaconsfield Bowling Club

Friends of Beaconsfield Library

Beaconsfield Artists Association

West Island Women’s Centre

Newcomers Club

Garden Club

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