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Hook-Ins Great News!    Monday, March 7th 2022: Return to In-Person Hook-ins at Centennial Hall! Monday Regular Hook-Ins are back! However, due to COVID 19 regulations we can have only limited attendance at this time. For those interested in participating in our Hook-ins or for newcomers who would like to join our Guild, please contact us first. Matty Covid-19. Illustration by Maria Romero

Show & Tell / Linda Morazain

Remembering Linda Luce Morazain       1942 to March 29, 2021. Passed away at the age of 78 in Bathurst, New Brunswick.    Written by Maureen Rowe It was with sadness that we learned of Linda’s passing. She was an energetic, enthusiastic, gregarious member who loved to laugh. She joined the Guild in 1991 and, in April of the following year, she took on the role of Guild treasurer. In April 1993, she was vice-president. Like several of the BHCG members, she was also a member of the smaller group Track II which met in Valois. Everyone knew her to be a fabulous cook and she had the best recipe for lemon squares. Linda Luce Morazain (1942-2021) Linda's Birthday (Picture : Courtesy of Terry Ballantyne) Linda was always sunny, full of life and showed enthusiasm for her projects, whether it was for real estate (her occupation) or for rug hooking. She loved Centennial Hall and its sunny cozy ambiance and was always there early. She loved getting involved in setting up the Christmas banque

Our Montreal | CBC News / The Guild In the News

  Our Montreal | CBC News  “Our Montreal” TV show host Sonali Karnick interviews Emmy   February 26, 2022. Dawna received a request from Mélanie Côté, the City of Beaconsfield’s Director of Culture and Leisure to speak with a CBC journalist who became interested in rug hooking after viewing our website. Dawna asked Emmy to provide information about our group and this turned into a story on “Our Montreal /CBC News”! Our Montreal Host Sonali Karnick The February 26 episode features host Sonali Karnick interviewing Emmy using FaceTime as she asks about her interest in Rug Hooking, how she joined Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild, the materials used to create hooked pieces, and the benefits of being part of a guild. Sonali Karnick interviewing Emmy using FaceTime Emmy Maten, Vice-President, explains how she joined the guild The episode will be rebroadcast on Sunday 27 at noon and on Monday 28 at 11 AM on local CBC TV. You can watch it anytime on-line using this link :    Our Montreal | C