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Remembering Linda Luce Morazain      

1942 to March 29, 2021. Passed away at the age of 78 in Bathurst, New Brunswick.   

Written by Maureen Rowe

It was with sadness that we learned of Linda’s passing. She was an energetic, enthusiastic, gregarious member who loved to laugh. She joined the Guild in 1991 and, in April of the following year, she took on the role of Guild treasurer. In April 1993, she was vice-president.

Like several of the BHCG members, she was also a member of the smaller group Track II which met in Valois. Everyone knew her to be a fabulous cook and she had the best recipe for lemon squares.

Linda Luce Morazain (1942-2021)
Linda's Birthday (Picture : Courtesy of Terry Ballantyne)

Linda was always sunny, full of life and showed enthusiasm for her projects, whether it was for real estate (her occupation) or for rug hooking. She loved Centennial Hall and its sunny cozy ambiance and was always there early. She loved getting involved in setting up the Christmas banquets that we had every year.

One time the entire guild went on a field trip to Ontario to visit two sisters who had a small business in the countryside with their little house and a side house for their boutique, plus another house for their dyes and fabrics. They grew their own flax in the fields nearby and turned it into linen yarn. When we arrived and got off our mini yellow school bus, they were well prepared to receive us. There was a high wooden platform outside with a giant wrought iron pot about 4 feet in diameter and 2 feet high that was boiling away on the stove that was fed with wood. The sisters showed us how they dipped their yarn into the dye pot and dried it on twig fence trellises near the kitchen. They also had an outdoor kitchen. They served us a lovely homemade lunch on long trestle tables and told us the story of how they had started their yarn business. Afterwards, Linda and I went into their tiny boutique, and I bought three huge skeins of linen dyed a lovely pale gold and have since made a shawl with it for myself which I keep on my living room recliner.

Linda and I often went to Vermont together for the day to visit the exhibition at the Shelburne Museum of the Green Mountain Hooking Guild. We would go for lunch in a nice restaurant in the village and do a little shopping as well. Those were golden days, forever in my memory.

Linda is fondly remembered by all those who knew her. May she rest in peace.

Linda Luce Morazain (1942-2021)

Linda’s obituary can be viewed at:

Rug Hooking Demo during 1995 BHCG Exhibition. Linda Morazain, far left (Photo: BHCG Archives).

1995. Mayor Kemp won the raffle rug hooked by Bernie Grant. Linda Morazain, in middle, announces.
(Photo: BHCG Archives).

April 1996 - Celebrating BHCG 21st Anniversary. Linda, 4th from the left. (Photo: BHCG Archives).

From left to right: Terry Ballantyne and Linda (Picture : Courtesy of Terry Ballantyne).

Show & Tell / Linda Morazain   

This is a compilation of rugs hooked by Linda Morazain. Many thanks to Linda's family for sharing these pictures. 

Down and Under
Pattern, Unknown Designer
Signed LMM, 1995
Exhibited during the BHCG 1995 Show (Rug #34)
Bernie Grant hooked the same pattern, using different colours.

Down and Under (1995). (Photo: BHCG Archives).

Polar Bears
Pattern, Designer Unknown
Signed LMM, 2002

Polar Bears (2002)

Baffin Boy
A Rittermere Pattern
Signed LMM, 2003

Baffin Boy (2003), a Rittermere Pattern hooked by Linda Morazain.

Picture taken on February 1st, 2015 (Courtesy of Terry Ballantyne).

A Joan Moshimer Pattern
Signed LMM, 2003
Rug Hooking Course by Lois J. Morris
Maureen Rowe also participated in this class and hooked the same pattern as an autumn scene.

Landscape (2003), a Joan Moshimer pattern hooked by Linda Morazain.

Floral Banner
Pattern, Designer Unknown
Signed LMM, 2004

Floral Banner (2004)

Possibly an adaptation of "Fruit Loop", a Rittermere Pattern
Signed LMM, 2005
Three-dimensional Sculpted Piece 

Fruits (2005)

Winter Scene
Pattern, Designer Unknown
Without signature or date

Winter Scene

Pattern, Designer Unknown
Without signature or date


Possibly an adaptation of  "Broken Glass", a Joan Moshimer Pattern. 
Without signature or date


Basket of Flowers
Pattern, Designer Unknown
Without signature or date

Basket of Flowers

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