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Annual General Meeting

AGM 2023    April 24th, 2023 Our AGM was held April 24 with in-person attendance reaching 60 percent of our membership. The president’s report covered the year’s events: The Culture and Inclusion workshops, the Artisan’s Fair, funds raised for several charities, International Rug Hooking Day celebrated with the Martintown Wild and Woollys, acclamation of our webmaster and 15 years on the web, planning for our Rug Exhibition, and the workshops and celebrations we shared together. It was a full year! The Treasurer’s and Librarian’s reports were presented, and the election of the executive was held. All motions passed. The executive committee remains the same as last year. Here is your team for 2023-2024:  Top Emmy, Chris, Dawna. Bottom Juliet. Thank you all for your hard work, and for continuing on for another year!


Easter Hook-In    April 3rd, 2023    Some pictures from our Easter Hook-In! Yummy Easter Treats. Great turnout for our Easter Hook-In. Claire’s Easter Egg Tree decorates the door prize table. Close-up of Claire’s fibre eggs. Our Sizzix machine is getting plenty of use! Helen, Leslie, Carolyn E, Chris, and Carolyn M. Helen, Emmy, Sue, and Leslie wearing Easter bonnets! Happy Easter everyone!