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Welcome To Our Blog
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Latest News

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Report on OHCG AGM 2013 in Kingston, ON

Kingston, Ontario (May 24-26, 2013)

Three lovely busy days all about hooking! The venue was easy to access and large enough for all events to be held under one roof.  Ontario Area 1 were in charge of organizing the event and they did a wonderful job. We were welcomed at the Registration Desk with a handmade bag containing our schedules among other goodies, We were given name tags held by cleverly made lanyards attached with a button. including our Name Tags held by. Recycling at its best!

Saturday morning the Annual Meeting ran smoothly and finished exactly on time. We then visited the many vendors that were present, and once the rug display was open to members, we immediately visited the exquisite work done by so many of our fellow hookers. We took many  pictures as we toured the exhibit and went back again and again to certain rugs. Classes were ongoing during the day  and a gala dinner was held in the evening. Sunday morning, more visits to the vendors, also to the scissors sharpener who was on hand (would suggest that there be one at every AGM, if it is not already so). Ailish O'Keeffe and I also picked up a couple of the patterns for the Pan-AM Games 2015, hopefully BHCG can contribute a few mats, they are only 15 x 20 inches; a good summer project.

Our own teacher , Lois Morris,  gave a class to 40 people on Reflections, Transparency and Absorption. Many thanks to Lois Morris, Brenda Ticehurst, Jeanne Osler and Louise  G. de Tonnancour for carrying our rugs to the exhibition and for working on displaying them Friday and then dismantling everything late Sunday afternoon. Also special thanks to the drivers who were on hand to help.

 Our special thanks to all the hard-working organizers and volunteers.

There is one quality I observed from all the participating rug hookers and vendors that we met - all were so good humored. Definitely, rug hooking is good for the soul!

Rose Kandy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Co-Presidents' Message _ 2013

Thank you for visiting the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild Website. Created in 2008, it continues to grow in capacity offering instruction into the various forms of rug hooking, the history of rug hooking in Canada and information about the Guild and its members.  We warmly welcome newcomers both experienced and non-experienced, not only to the website but also to the Guild (running since 1975) that meet weekly in the beautiful surroundings of Centennial Hall.  Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about any aspect of the Guild or rug hooking, we would be happy to help.

As both newcomers to rug hooking and to Canada, we were warmly welcomed into the BHCG fold only a few short months ago.   Quickly jumping in to Lois Morris’s "Reflection, Transparency and Absorption" course as complete novices, we were hooked from the start.  Hungry to learn, the teachers here offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice …… We can’t wait for the next course, hint hint!  Our first piece opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of designing our own rugs, wall hangings or creations; the depth or the suggestion of detail and the vast choice of materials and fibres to hook with.  We’re grateful to all the members of the Guild who show up at the weekly hook-ins, who continue to inspire and encourage us and each other with their passion and talent towards this fibre art form.  

Co-Presidents - Ti Seymour & Riitta Jackson