Co-Presidents' Message _ 2013

Thank you for visiting the Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild Website. Created in 2008, it continues to grow in capacity offering instruction into the various forms of rug hooking, the history of rug hooking in Canada and information about the Guild and its members.  We warmly welcome newcomers both experienced and non-experienced, not only to the website but also to the Guild (running since 1975) that meet weekly in the beautiful surroundings of Centennial Hall.  Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about any aspect of the Guild or rug hooking, we would be happy to help.

As both newcomers to rug hooking and to Canada, we were warmly welcomed into the BHCG fold only a few short months ago.   Quickly jumping in to Lois Morris’s "Reflection, Transparency and Absorption" course as complete novices, we were hooked from the start.  Hungry to learn, the teachers here offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice …… We can’t wait for the next course, hint hint!  Our first piece opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of designing our own rugs, wall hangings or creations; the depth or the suggestion of detail and the vast choice of materials and fibres to hook with.  We’re grateful to all the members of the Guild who show up at the weekly hook-ins, who continue to inspire and encourage us and each other with their passion and talent towards this fibre art form.  

Co-Presidents - Ti Seymour & Riitta Jackson

Co-Presidents - Left to right:  Ti Seymour and Riita Jackson

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