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TIGHR / The Guild In The News

Hooking Matters          BHCG was delighted to be featured in the May, 2021, issue of Hooking Matters , The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers’ newsletter. Our members were disappointed when the Triennial which would have taken place in Newfoundland had to be cancelled due to Covid. What a road trip that would have been!!! This might be a good time to consider joining TIGHR. Hooking Matters TIGHR Newsletter May 2021, Volume 28, Issue #2 News from Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada by Dawna Matthews , Beaconsfield P.Q Pages: 7 to 9 Reproduced here with permission from Patricia Parsons. Website Link: The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers (TIGHR) Hooking Matters TIGHR Newsletter. May 2021, Volume 28, Issue #2, page 1. Hooking Matters TIGHR Newsletter. May 2021, Volume 28, Issue #2, page 7. An article written by our President Dawna Matthew about the story of the guild,  presents the dynamism, passion and creativity of our group in a glance. Hooking Matters TIGHR Newsletter.

Show & Tell / Mother's Day

May 9th, 2021  _   Special Show & Tell: Inspired by Mom    Cheers to our Mothers who are our source of love, guidance, strength, and creativity. To all Moms, thank you for the care and inspiration you have given us! Happy Mother’s Day! Claire Turturro. Kyoto panel, a Rittermere pattern. Claire Turturro , daughter of Lois J. Morris Kyoto panel Rittermere 1980 #6 cut 27” x 60” This is the first rug I hooked. I had loved the design in mom’s catalogue since I was 8 or 9. I never took a class from her per se, but always sat and had tea and chatted with the ladies who took her classes at our house when I would come in from classes at high school and college. I guess I learned by osmosis. When you have watched someone as skilled at their art form as my mom day in and day out for years, her knowledge and expertise rub off on you without realizing the knowledge you have acquired. When in college I finally said to Mom that I had always loved this design. She then gave me the pattern and wool

Show & Tell / May 2021

Rugs From The Past              These pieces were exhibited prior to the 2017 Show. Use the label "Show & Tell" to see other rugs showcased in the past.    Show & Tell / Florals # 4 April showers bring May flowers! Whether a bouquet of flowers or garden perennials, blooms are but a fleeting beauty. However, these rug florals bloom forever. Brenda Ticehurst. Geraniums in a Box. Brenda Ticehurst Geraniums in a Box 2007 16" x 20" This rug was inspired by a picture in a "How to Paint Book", the name of which I forget.  It shows geraniums in a corner of a window box. It was done with recycled wool #6 cut. I gave it to my sister Linda, and it hangs in the family room of her cottage at Sixteen Island Lake. She says it is her favourite.  Sylvia Solomon. Pretty Paisley. Sylvia Solomon Pretty Paisley Original 2009 3 ft x 6 ft I chose the predominant paisley motif to create a modern rug with a symmetric field, skipping the border and its ornamentations. I use