Show & Tell / May 2021

Rugs From The Past            

These pieces were exhibited prior to the 2017 Show. Use the label "Show & Tell" to see other rugs showcased in the past.   

Show & Tell / Florals # 4

April showers bring May flowers! Whether a bouquet of flowers or garden perennials, blooms are but a fleeting beauty. However, these rug florals bloom forever.

Brenda Ticehurst. Geraniums in a Box.

Brenda Ticehurst
Geraniums in a Box
16" x 20"

This rug was inspired by a picture in a "How to Paint Book", the name of which I forget. 
It shows geraniums in a corner of a window box. It was done with recycled wool #6 cut. I gave it to my sister Linda, and it hangs in the family room of her cottage at Sixteen Island Lake. She says it is her favourite. 

Sylvia Solomon. Pretty Paisley.

Sylvia Solomon
Pretty Paisley
3 ft x 6 ft

I chose the predominant paisley motif to create a modern rug with a symmetric field, skipping the border and its ornamentations. I used non-directional hooking (or higgledy-piggledy), with a three-colour palette for the background, instead of the traditional monochromatic straight lines. I used #5 and #6 cuts of recycled wool.

Claire Fradette. Floral Rug.

Claire Fradette
Floral Rug
Designer unknown
22” x 40”

I got this floral pattern from Kay Cousineau. I hooked the background in a higgledy piggledy fashion  using darker values of reds to both harmonize with and to highlight the soft pastel primary colours used to hook the flowers. I chose a #6 cut. 

Show & Tell / Florals #4

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