Show & Tell / July 2020

Featured Rugs Gallery   

On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held in September 2017 at Centennial Hall. Visit our Blog to see the rugs showcased in the past.

Floral Rugs / #3  

Flowers are one of the oldest and most common patterns in tapestry, and this is no exception in Rug Hooking. Here you have a selection of floral designs hooked by our members.

House with three flowers, original by Andrée Lapensée

Andrée Lapensée
House with three flowers

This wall hanging is my original design. It measures 10”x14”, was made with a proddy, using a #6 cut. It was a gift for my cousin.

Flower, a Judith dallegret pattern hooked by Monique Goulet

Monique Goulet

This is my first hooked rug made with a pattern from Judith Dallegret. It measures 17” X 17”  I used wool cut in #8.

Sunflowers by Fay Louch
Fay Louch

This was my second rug. I joined a rug-hooking group in Shubenacadie, N.S. when I was half finished with a hit-and-miss rug I had started on my own. Sunflowers was my next piece.  The pattern is designed by Christine Little of Encompassing Designs. I did not have variegated wool or spot-dyed wool, just solid colours, so I attempted to mix and match the colours. I also changed the pattern to make the centre of the sunflower smaller and the petals larger. It was my first 'creative' piece and I discovered I could make the pattern any way I wanted and I did not have to stick to a pattern - it was so freeing.

The Sunflowers , original by Juliet Davies
Juliet Davies 
The Sunflowers 

My sunflower was my own design with help from a birthday card. I did it mostly in a class with Lois  Morris so it involved a proddy, carving and the extra butterfly added at the end. No special story except I’ve always liked sunflowers!


This month we offer you a double Show & Tell.  Follow the link to see a Special Show&Tell : Canadian Moose, to celebrate Canada Day 

Special Show&Tell: Canadian Moose

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