Show & Tell / Moose

Happy Canada Day!   

July 1st - Canada Day

Special Show & Tell :  The Canadian Moose   

The Moose is associated with Canada’s native wildlife. The Moose is represented on the coat of arms of the Ontario and the Newfoundland and Labrador provinces, and some Canadian stamps and coins.

Freedom, Original by Andrée Lapensée

Andrée Lapensée

This mural hanging measures 30”x20”. It was made with wool cut in #6, yarns and leather antlers. The moose and antlers are glued onto the background, creating bold relief. I made it for my son.

Canola Moose, original by Claire Fradette
Claire Fradette
Canola Moose

On May 2017, our Guild held a “Canola” Rug Hooking Workshop with Loretta Moore. Canolas are Loretta’s Canadian rug hooking version of traditional Mola designs, which are hand-made textile pieces created by and for Guna women, from Panama, to be worn as a part of their blouses. In fact, Mola or Molas means shirt or clothing. Members of this course designed their own patterns based on typical Canadian animals, and I chose the Canadian Moose. I used four colors and added some geometric motifs as texture, in order to imitate a Mola constructed with four layers of different-colored cloth. This piece is 16x16 inches with #6 cut. 

For more information about Molas and the Guna people, follow these links: 


This month we offer you a double Show & Tell. The floral design continues with Floral Rugs #3

Show & tell - Florals Rugs #3

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