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Season 2023-2024

An Energetic Start to our New Hooking Season    Our new hooking season began September 11 with renewed excitement in the air! We are an enthusiastic group: many long-time members, plus many new faces too! Dawna Matthew’s beginners’ classes have welcomed 6 new members to our Guild. Furthermore, our April 2023 Rug Exhibition attracted several new members, as did meeting with the Beaconsfield Newcomers Club and participating in the September 23, 2023, Artisans’ Fair. A total of 14 new members! Six enthusiastic students in Dawna’s Beginners class. Claire, Laura, Isabelle, and Ti are preparing for the September 23 rd    Artisans’ Fair. September 25, we had a special visit from Judith Lilley, a talented rug hooker from Kamouraska, QC. Judy and Emmy have been emailing each other since 2017 but had never met in person. Judith brought numerous rugs to show, all original and stunning, and explained the stories behind their creations. She showed us Karen D. Miller’s “Eyes Open to the World” b