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Mug Rug Class / October 2015

Introduction to Rug Hooking - 17 & 31 October

Members helped 5 ladies design a small pattern for a Mug Rug and introduce them to the techniques of Rug Hooking.  Each newcomer selected a mug from the generous offering and colour planned their piece around it.


Halloween Hook-In at LCA  _ 
Some pictures taken during the Saturday Hook-In of October 31st, 2015 at Le Coin Artisanal. It was a  very fun Hook-In !

Carolyn Ells - Surprised by her gifts - with thanks for her awesome contribution to Members Show & Share Session with her Punch Hooking demonstration & her fabulous talk during the 40th Anniversary Exhibition “Transferring Photos into Rugs".

Carolyn Ells with her stunning foot rug that is going to be gifted to her neighbours.  The neighbours children want to hook the last few rows - what a great memory and an awesome gift.

Rug delivered to School

The Sherwood Forest Elementary School rug is delivered!
By Ti Seymour

Principal John Torunian surprises the children with the final outcome. Other than Grace and Roxanne, the rest of the children have yet to see the rug pieced together. A photo board with accompanying article have already been exhibited at our 40th Anniversary Exhibition, TIGHR 2015 Victoria and is on its way to be exhibited at the Lester B Pearson School Board. The rug will return to Sherwood after Christmas.

Gene Shepherd's Challenge

A New Year's Resolution for 2015: Teach a Child to Hook!
By Ti Seymour

This challenge by Gene Shepherd really struck a chord within our Guild - whether nurturing our own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or from working as a teacher before retirement. It gave us a challenge that sparked the most amazing chain reaction. Little do the children realize how much attention their rug has received. Not only was it featured in our 40th Anniversary Exhibition in September, it then went off to Victoria, B.C. and was exhibited at TIGHR. Luckily there is this photographic proof, which will accompany their rug back to Sherwood Forest Elementary School this week. So proud of these kids and their achievement.

Work in Progress

Show & Tell  by BHCG members of rugs in progress during Hook-In of October 26th, 2015 at
Centennial Hall.


Hooked on Halloween!


Cookies at Centennial
By Ti Seymour

Our Linda Henderson arranged to support Roxanne & Grace from Sherwood Forest Elementary School in their fundraising efforts by purchasing cookies for our Monday Hook-in. 
The girls were on a ped day and jumped at the chance to bake and pass by Centennial with our treats.  They were rewarded by a sneak preview of the school rug.

I bumped into them again at the Halloween Social at Sherwood Forest School.  Hope you all had a great Halloween too. 

Gift of Recognition

On Monday, October 19th, the members of the guild presented our president, Ti Seymour, with a gift as recognition for all her hard work during the 40th anniversary celebration activities, especially the preliminary show and the full exhibition. All her special touches made the events a huge success!
She was extremely active promoting our Guild and her enthusiasm in all rug hooking activities is very contagious.
Thank you, Ti and we know we can count on your hard work to close the anniversary year with joy and fun-filled activities.

Below you can see Ti wearing her gifts, a lovely silver shawl pin and a felted scarf in her favourite blue tones.

Show and Share



Monday, October 12th, 2015
Thanksgiving Day - Canada

"Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations."

Source: Wikipedia


TIGHR - Back to Nature, October 4-7, 2015, Victoria, B.C.
Submitted by Ti Seymour

I was in awe of this conference - the table of discussions/workshops/tours on offer and the professionalism of the rug hookers present.  After registration on the first afternoon there was a Friendship Mat exchange alongside a cheese and wine reception, a great ice breaker.  I met Debra Smith, Editor of Rug Hooking Magazine, Susan Feller and Lori Laberge; that was an amazing and humbling start.

The following few days I attended two panel discussions:

Defining Professionalism - Moderator: Susan Feller;  Panelists: Jo Franco, Lori LaBerge, Rachelle LeBlanc and Deb Smith;

Approaching a New Design - Moderator: Karen Kaiser;  Panelists: Stephanie Allen-Krauss, Linda Rae Coughlin, Maggie White.

And two workshops:

Proddy Cluster Flowers with Gene Shepherd;
Playing with Plaids with Laurie Wiles.

I also attended five presentations:

1. Sylvia Olsen: A Coast Salish Legacy: the women whose knitting made and sa…

40th Anniversary e-Guestbook

2015-01-20 13:37:04
By "hook" or by crook I'll be the first in the Guestbook! Congratulations BHCG :))

2015-01-20 19:32:11
Brings back a lot of memories--Some of us have changed a lot. Interesting.

2015-01-21 20:17:48
Hooker's Wood & Wool Studio
Chippewa Falls, WI USA
So nice to know so much about this group of well seasoned hookers!

2015-01-25 12:47:01
Chateauguay QC
This is a great website, and 40th anniversay page, to celebrate this vibrant guild and craft.


2015-02-08 14:00:59
Sylvia Solomon
Pointe-Claire, Que. Canada
Love the logo Maria!

2015-02-17 18:18:11
Susan Kendall
Ottawa, On.
Love the new logo! The comaradery and history are well to…

La Presse / The Guild In The News

Fabienne Couturier from La Presse spend time with us at one of the library demos and also visited the show. She did a lovely write up “Les Accros du Crochet” which you can see here:

**In French Only**
La Presse, édition du 3 octobre 2015; section MAISON, écran 9

Les accros du crochet

Fabienne Couturier La Presse
Qui ne se souvient pas d’avoir vu, chez ses grands-parents, dans un chalet loué pour l’été ou dans une vente-débarras, l’un de ces humbles tapis crochetés aux dessins naïfs et aux couleurs passées ?

Tracés à la main ou imprimés mécaniquement sur des canevas souvent vendus par catalogue, leurs motifs de cabane à sucre, de maisons traditionnelles, de fleurs ou d’animaux ont orné les chambres à coucher et les salons de nombreux foyers nord-américains.

Curieusement, au Québec, cette forme d’art populaire a pratiquement disparu des écrans radars, alors qu’aux États-Unis, en Nouvelle-Écosse ou en Ontario, par exemple, la tapisserie au crochet, considérée comme un métie…

West Island Blog / The Guild In The News

Rug Hookers celebrate 40 years of hookingby Rhonda Massad
West Island Blog / Community News

What used to be a survival craft to provide warmth, rug hooking,is now an art form.Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild held a vernissage last Friday night, to show off 40 years of craftsmanship as well as art. 
“The pieces are beautiful. Many people think of these works as rugs and not works of art,” Beaconsfield city councillor Karen Messier said, “These are truly works of art.”
Beaconsfield rug hookers celebrated their 40th anniversary of the group’s inception at Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield by lining the wall with rugs that could have been mistaken for oil paintings. 
“The rugs are too beautiful to be stepped on,” said Volunteer West Island’s outreach coordinator, Shelley Hayden, “even though some of these are used that way.”
According to Linda Henderson, vice president of the guild, several of the members, who have been meeting each Monday since 1975, still producing hooked pieces, …