Gene Shepherd's Challenge

A New Year's Resolution for 2015: Teach a Child to Hook!
By Ti Seymour

This challenge by Gene Shepherd really struck a chord within our Guild - whether nurturing our own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or from working as a teacher before retirement. It gave us a challenge that sparked the most amazing chain reaction. Little do the children realize how much attention their rug has received. Not only was it featured in our 40th Anniversary Exhibition in September, it then went off to Victoria, B.C. and was exhibited at TIGHR. Luckily there is this photographic proof, which will accompany their rug back to Sherwood Forest Elementary School this week. So proud of these kids and their achievement.

Gene Sheperd
Gene Shepherd's article in ATHA magazine Feb/March 2015

40th Anniversary Show
Rug Displayed at Centennial Hall (40th Anniversary Show)

Sherwood Forest Elementary School
Displayed at TIGHR Victoria 2015

Sherwood Forest Elementary School
TIGHR 2015 - Rug Identification Card

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