Show and Tell / October - December 2015

This is a selection of rugs from our September 2015 Exhibition, held at the Beaconsfield Library and at Centennial Hall.

Autumn leaves reborn
By Jacqueline Bouchard

This rug is an original design measuring 49 in. by 22 in. It was hooked on burlap with recycled woolens, yarns, a silk tie and some new wool. The strips were cut by hand. The braided border comes from a recycled piece of Black Watch tartan.

One morning in the Fall 2014 as I was walking through the park, the beauty of the many colourful leaves spread on the ground inspired me to give them a new life and they were reborn in this rug.

Jacqueline Bouchard
Autumn leaves reborn, by Jacqueline Bouchard

Wonky Houses with Poppies
By Dawna Matthew

This rug, which is actually a wall hanging, measuring 22” x 17.5” was hooked in 2014. It is composed from two of Deanne Fitzpatrick’s patterns, Hills Across the Harbour and Big Red Poppies. I wanted something in front of the houses and the space seemed to call out for bright, red poppies!

I was challenging myself to use as much recycled wool as possible. Most of this piece is made from over-dyed men’s sports jackets from our local thrift shop. It is all 8.5 cut except, of course, for the proddy poppies with yarn centers and the white fleece in the clouds.

It is bright and cheerful and brings back memories of a camping trip that my husband and I made a few years ago. We spent most of the month of September touring Newfoundland. It was also on this trip that I got “hooked” on rug hooking. We visited the museum in Twillingate which had a beautiful display of hooked rugs with different designs of lighthouses of Newfoundland and Labrador. I left determined to find out more about this craft, came home, joined our guild and have been busy hooking ever since!

Dawna Matthew
Wonky Houses with Poppies, hooked by Dawna Matthew

Holly Scroll  (64” x 17”)
By Ti Seymour

I was looking to make a piece that would complement my "winter scene" around the fireplace, during the ski season at our cottage.  Karen Kaiser’s Wide Cut Class November 2014 was the perfect opportunity to start such a project.  Judith Dallegret dyed the rich red over a selection of textiles which enhanced its lovely mottled appearance.  Cut to a size 10 it is dwarfed by the hand torn, proddy holly scroll that stands a smidgen higher, dyed by Joni Black.

It was a pleasure to hook and proddy my simple design that took just about a month.  Even though I used 8 yards, I found I didn’t estimate correctly how much I would need overall.  So with the festive season upon me, I found myself sounding like a well-known Dickens character “Can I have some more please” holding out my empty rug hooking bag.  I guess that's the price you pay for hooking high, which is not a bad thing I’m told by Gene Shepherd … (just a wool seller’s dream).

Holly Scroll, by Ti Seymour

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