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Welcome To Our Blog
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Latest News

Latest News

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carving Workshop

Carving Workshop
by  Louise G. de Tonnancour
Lois Morris

The Beaconsfield Rug Hooking Guild really spoiled us this Spring with two wonderful workshops. The last one of the season “Sculpting” was given to us by Lois Morris, Saturday, April 25th, 2009. What a wonderful and profitable day this day was for all who attended!  Most of us feared of cutting at the wrong place...!!! The instructor gave undeniable expertise and personal care to all her students. It goes without saying that with laughter and good fellowship we all pulled through. Thank you, Lois, for your step by step guidance and the generosity that your teaching prevailed over the years and still fortunately will do, in the future. It’s a wish!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Work in Progress

Show & Tell  by BHCG rug hookers of rugs in progress during Hook-In of April 6th, 2009.

Alice Hamilton

Betty Austin

Betty Austin (detail)

Lois Morris

Lois Morris (detail)

Louise G. De Tonnancour

Sylvia Solomon

Sylvia Solomon (detail)

Ailish O'Keefe

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Olde Forge 2009

Olde Forge
by Denise Vandenbemden

On Saturday April 4th we were invited to a hook-in hosted by the Olde Forge in Ottawa. Rug hookers from Ontario and Montreal’s West Island hooked together and shared the stories behind the rugs they were making. A sale of hooking supplies had been organized and we felt like children in a Christmas store, looking, touching and buying beautiful wool.  

The hosting ladies had baked delicious goodies for their guests and raffled a basket with desirable hooking supplies for charity as well as the flowers decorating the buffet table.  We had a wonderful time. A big thank you to the ladies of the Olde Forge.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wonderful Drawing Tutorials!

© Jen Tabangcura

 If you're planning to create a portrait or you want to design a human character, take a look at Jen Tabangcura's  drawing  tutorial  at Anatomy plz!

Show & Tell - April 2009

Louise G. de Tonnancour

Round trip to New Mexico
Designed and hooked by Louise G. de Tonnancour

I always wanted to see New Mexico.  My dream became reality during a March school break.  Upon my return, I designed and decided to make this rug in the punchneedle technique.  60" in diameter

Brenda Ticehurst

Designed and Hooked by Brenda Ticehurst

When planning my next rug, I wanted to do something that would be more interactive for viewers.  In the summer at the cottage our family does Sudoku contests.  It gave me the idea to hook one.  I chose a puzzle that was symmetrical.  It is a medium difficult one.  To make it more colorful I assigned a consistent colour to each number.  At the bottom I made a pocket to hold pencils and a paper copy of the puzzle for those who wanted to try it.  I also hooked a few individual numbers that could be pinned in place when viewing the work. It is hooked on burlap with #6 Wool strips.

Ailish O'Keefe

Maureen and her boys
Designed and Hooked by Ailish O'Keefe
When my children were small I used to draw "stickmen" for them - we would make up stories (like in comic books) and do stickmen for illustrations.  My daughter Maureen reminded about that and she asked that I do a rug showing her and her four boys, using the old stickmen - she drew them so she could put in the particular smile of each of her sons - so voila!!!  Here they are - hooked by her Mom.
I used number 6 cuts -  from three colours of fabric that I put together because I love the combination of those bright colours.

Sally Perodeau

Chasing Salmon
(an inspiration from a gift card) Hooked by Sally Perodeau

My daughters who live in B.C. are enthralled with the exceptional artifacts produced by the Haida band, and may I suggest a visit to any exhibit of their work should not be missed. One such visit encouraged me to attempt an eagle.
My eagle wall hanging was made on rug warp, this I use as it is a strong material, and there is no fear of any holes developing ---- the bird was hooked with a no.2 cut, the background on no.3 cut, and the sea with no 4 cut.
The red wool is hand dyed oriental red, for the white parts I finally settled for some white and nylon fabric from a local store (pure white wool seems impossible to find.)
The sea was easy to do as it was originally a pale blue blanket abashed with royal blue dye. I just zing-zagged the lines and the waves appeared.
For the sky I dip dyed natural wool for the palest of shades of the royal blue dye.
In order for the border not to be too dense I used various shades of black, this was hooked back and forth.
For finishing the hanging it is on a stretcher and at the sides where the burlap showed, black electric tape was used.  It is a companion to the whale I did last year, with the help of my teacher Lois Morris.