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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Show & Tell - April 2009

Louise G. de Tonnancour

Round trip to New Mexico
Designed and hooked by Louise G. de Tonnancour

I always wanted to see New Mexico.  My dream became reality during a March school break.  Upon my return, I designed and decided to make this rug in the punchneedle technique.  60" in diameter

Brenda Ticehurst

Designed and Hooked by Brenda Ticehurst

When planning my next rug, I wanted to do something that would be more interactive for viewers.  In the summer at the cottage our family does Sudoku contests.  It gave me the idea to hook one.  I chose a puzzle that was symmetrical.  It is a medium difficult one.  To make it more colorful I assigned a consistent colour to each number.  At the bottom I made a pocket to hold pencils and a paper copy of the puzzle for those who wanted to try it.  I also hooked a few individual numbers that could be pinned in place when viewing the work. It is hooked on burlap with #6 Wool strips.

Ailish O'Keefe

Maureen and her boys
Designed and Hooked by Ailish O'Keefe
When my children were small I used to draw "stickmen" for them - we would make up stories (like in comic books) and do stickmen for illustrations.  My daughter Maureen reminded about that and she asked that I do a rug showing her and her four boys, using the old stickmen - she drew them so she could put in the particular smile of each of her sons - so voila!!!  Here they are - hooked by her Mom.
I used number 6 cuts -  from three colours of fabric that I put together because I love the combination of those bright colours.

Sally Perodeau

Chasing Salmon
(an inspiration from a gift card) Hooked by Sally Perodeau

My daughters who live in B.C. are enthralled with the exceptional artifacts produced by the Haida band, and may I suggest a visit to any exhibit of their work should not be missed. One such visit encouraged me to attempt an eagle.
My eagle wall hanging was made on rug warp, this I use as it is a strong material, and there is no fear of any holes developing ---- the bird was hooked with a no.2 cut, the background on no.3 cut, and the sea with no 4 cut.
The red wool is hand dyed oriental red, for the white parts I finally settled for some white and nylon fabric from a local store (pure white wool seems impossible to find.)
The sea was easy to do as it was originally a pale blue blanket abashed with royal blue dye. I just zing-zagged the lines and the waves appeared.
For the sky I dip dyed natural wool for the palest of shades of the royal blue dye.
In order for the border not to be too dense I used various shades of black, this was hooked back and forth.
For finishing the hanging it is on a stretcher and at the sides where the burlap showed, black electric tape was used.  It is a companion to the whale I did last year, with the help of my teacher Lois Morris.