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Small Purse / Part 2

Loretta Moore's project_    For those interested in Loretta Moore's small hooked purse project, we invite you to visit her Blog, Hooked on the Lake . She has published four more posts, with a lot of pictures and details, so you can complete this piece! Pick a fabric and follow the instructions for the body, the lining and strap of the purse. Follow the link to read her third post. Next step in the purse project The third post is about the body, the lining and the strap of the purse. Picture by Loretta Moore The fourth and  fifth posts offer details about the strap and how to attach it to the purse. Next step: the purse strap Attaching the strap The fourth and  fifth posts are about the strap. Picture by Loretta Moore The sixth and final post explains how to insert the flap into the body of the purse and how to stitch it in place. Final steps in the purse project The sixth post allow you to finish the purse. Picture by Loretta Moore


Canadian Rug Hooking _ Here you have some articles about Canadian Rug Hooking published on vintages Maclean's Magazine issues. You're able to read the magazines on-line. Enjoy free access  to Maclean's archives from 1905 to 2018, for a limited time only. RAGS BEAUTIFED INTO RUGS Article by Gertrude E.S. Pringle Maclean's, December 1st, 1922. Pages 68-70 Follow the link: Dec1922 Issue   or click the image Maclean's  Dec 1st 1922  Issue. Left to Right: Cover and page 68 THE ART OF RUG HOOKING Article by George Pearson Maclean's , June 15, 1927. Pages 59-62 Follow the link: June 1927 or click the image Maclean's  June 15, 1927  Issue. Left to Right: Cover and page 59 BATCHEWANA RUGS Article by Mabel Crews Ringland Maclean's , April 15, 1929. Pages 93-95. Follow the link: April 1929 or click the image Maclean's  Aoril 15, 1929  Issue. Left to Right: Cover and page 93 HOOKED RUGS AND HOMESPUNS Article By F. L.


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Small Purse

Loretta Moore's Little Project_      Looking for inspiration?       By Dawna Matthew       A post on Loretta Moore's Blog, Hooked on the Lake, shows a neat little project some of you may be interested in trying: a small hooked purse. This may be just what you are looking for to use up some of your stash and leftover “worms”. You can draw your own design and it looks quick and easy! Follow the links to read the first post  " New Little Project "  and the second post " Continuing the Project". Small Hooked Purse Project by Loretta Moore; Picture: Loretta Moore, Hooked On The Lake.


Virtual Hook-in / Happy Birthday, Dawna!       By Emmy Maten    May 4, 2020 The highlight of our 3rd virtual meeting was the surprize birthday party for Dawna, organized by Ti and a few other members! Again, some of us joined in for the first time. Imaginative party hats were de rigueur. Balloons, music makers, cupcakes, candles, and Happy Birthday sung together (sounded more like sung in rounds!) to celebrate Dawna’s special day. Great fun! Happy Birthday, Dawna! From the whole Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild Heather has captured this special moment with her camera Keywords: Virtual Hook-In, Covid,   Birthdays / Anniversaries,

Show & Tell / May 2020

Featured Rugs Gallery            In this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our last Exhibition, held in September 2017 at Centennial Hall. Visit our Blog to see the rugs showcased in the past.    Show & Tell / Floral Rugs (1)_ Flowers are one of the oldest and most common patterns in tapestry, and this is no exception in Rug Hooking. Here you have a selection of floral designs hooked by our members. Crewel Runner, By Dawna Matthew Dawna Matthew «Crewel Runner» Teacher: Lois Morris Lots of techniques which were new to me, a great learning experience! Big Momma, By Ti Seymour Ti Seymour Big Momma 45.5” x 14.5” Design by Gene Shepherd This was a class offered by Gene Shepherd after TIGHR 2015 in Victoria, B.C. The wool is also from Gene. We worked on color placement and order of hooking. Gene gave many demonstrations, one-on-one advice and fun stories along the way. I loved his class! Bench Pad,